Wednesday, 05 December 2012

UNIDO introduces new water harvesting technology in Morocco

MAATARKA, Morocco, 5 December 2012 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has introduced a new method for mechanized water harvesting to restore degraded soil in Morocco.

The new technology was presented to the regional and local authorities, cooperatives and the local population during a demonstration event held in the commune of Maatarka.

The technology allows for the optimal use and storage of rain water and also helps in the reforestation of desert areas, and to improve pastures and increase agricultural production.

The effort is part of a UNIDO-executed project funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) that aims to combat land degradation, conserve ecosystems, and alleviate poverty in Morocco.

For more information, please email:

Jaime Moll de Alba
Project Manager

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