Monday, 23 May 2011

UNIDO and Republic of Korea to help developing countries advance metrology standards

VIENNA, 23 May 2011 – UNIDO and the Republic of Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) will partner to implement a metrology training programme for the technical staff of national metrology institutions from developing countries, particularly from Asian and African regions.

An agreement on this was signed in Vienna today by the UNIDO Managing Director, Wilfried Luetkenhorst, and the President of KRISS, Myungsoo Kim.

“I am confident our cooperation will benefit from the leadership role KRISS plays in the field of metrology, and UNIDO’s vast experience in providing technical assistance,” said Luetkenhorst. “The new partnership will facilitate know-how transfer and skills development in seven metrology fields, and expose staff to the testing and calibration laboratory accreditation process.”

The training programme, to be delivered at KRISS Headquarters in Daejon, is expected to improve the theoretical knowledge and technical capabilities of staff in laboratories in developing countries in the areas of dimension, volume, mass, thermometry, pressure, force, electricity, laboratory accreditation, laboratory management, and international recognition schemes.

“The UNIDO-KRISS training programme in metrology is a unique project which will utilize the technical resources of the Korean National Metrology Institute to share scientific knowledge with metrology institutes in developing countries. It is unusual that a national metrology institute joins hands with an international organization to conduct training programmes at their own premises, utilizing their equipment and other facilities. Because of the high-demand for metrology training from developing countries and considering the interest of KRISS in expanding technical cooperation in Asian and African regions, KRISS’ association with UNIDO will surely enhance cooperation opportunities,” said Kim.

“As the National Metrology Institute of the Republic of Korea, KRISS promotes the industrial competitiveness of the country by advancing measurement standards, science, and technologies in ways that enhance the nation’s economic performance and secures a better quality of life for all.”

As of 2009, KRISS has established national measurement standards in over 170 areas. It provides internationally recognized national measurement standards to its customers in various industries as a means to help improve the quality and competitiveness of Korean industrial products and exports in global markets. KRISS has also engaged in developing new measurement technologies and standards required for cutting-edge technological innovations, such as in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information and communications technologies, and plays a leading role in the development of forward-looking innovations.

As an active member of international metrology organizations, KRISS has sought to ensure the equivalence of the country’s national measurement standards with those of the international community and to reinforce its leadership in these international bodies in order to enhance the global recognition of the metrology capabilities of the Republic of Korea.

After the signing ceremony, the head of KRISS delivered a presentation on the work of the Institute to UNIDO staff.

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