Friday, 19 August 2011

UNIDO, Germany and the US help renovate and build capacity of Iraqi industrial high school

TALKAIF, Iraq, 18 August 2011 – The Mayor of Talkaif in Ninewa Governorate of Iraq hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony this week at the Ashur Industrial High School in Talesquef, Iraq. The event recognized the joint efforts of the Government of Iraq, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Government of Germany, the U.S. Army and the Department of State Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) to renovate the facility and provide it with updated teaching equipment.

With financial support of the Government of Germany, UNIDO is currently implementing a USD 5 million project “Promotion of micro-industries for accelerated and sustainable livelihood recovery” in the Ninewa Governorate. The project is implemented in close partnership with the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Office of the Governor of Ninewa.

As part of its engagement in the UNIDO project, the U.S. Army has carried out the rehabilitation of vocational training facilities across Ninewa worth USD 319,000. The rehabilitation at Ashur will offer a more suitable learning and teaching environment for students and teachers.

George N. Sibley, representing the U.S. Government in Ninewa, attended the ceremony and recognized the partnership between UNIDO and the United States, as well as the financial contribution of the Government of Germany. “Today, we are inaugurating the opening of the Ashur Vocational High school after its restoration, a joint venture between the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), the United States Army, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Department of Education, which will provide for the school’s maintenance and staffing. This school will provide the skilled workforce that is vital for the rebuilding and the development of the new Iraq”, said Sibley.

UNIDO also helped renovate the technical training rooms and also dug a new well to ensure more reliable and safer access to water for students.

“UNIDO is carrying out training of trainer activities for teachers in welding, domestic electrics, auto cad design and computer applications, as well as providing new training equipment for the school. The teachers at the school train unemployed and vulnerable populations through the UNIDO programme to build employable skills and contribute to the further development of their community. Toolkits issued to trainees will provide an opportunity for trainees to obtain jobs or establish small scale businesses,” said Chakib Jenane, deputy director of UNIDO’s Agri-Business Development Branch.

“Such interventions help young people skilled in industrial trades to support Iraq’s growing private sector.” He added that UNIDO was grateful to the Provincial Reconstruction Team and the U. S. Army for their contribution to the project.

The U.S. Army has also rehabilitated the Ministry of Labour and Social Affair’s Vocational Training Centre in Mosul. This included the construction of two new workshops for aluminum fabrication and leather. The workshops are being equipped by UNIDO and the Ministry’s trainers, with capacity building training provided by UNIDO, will provide skills training to the unemployed in the coming months.

The opening of the Industrial High School serves as another example of cooperation between UNIDO, Germany, USA and Iraq.

The Iraq Programme is the second largest UNIDO country programme, after China.
UNIDO has successfully implemented post-crises projects in many regions of the world, including in Afghanistan, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Uganda.

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