PHAROS Software Suite

The UNIDO PHAROS software suite is an introductory set of IT based educational tools for entrepreneurs from SMEs with limited business knowledge.  The software suit has been successfully utilised by UNIDO since 1999 and offers the following possibilites:

  • minimised data collection for enterprise applications whilst maximizing meaningful results;
  • increased usability and functionality through implementing operational dashboards;
  • prompt flagging of potential problems;
  • rapid in-depth problem analysis;
  • increased ease in the use of external data sources (e.g. accounting, quality management, production, sales);
  • rapid provision of benchmarks and performance reports to assist in in-house analysis and presentation of the business results;
  • simplified decision making through simulated of decision options based on real enterprise data;
  • enhanced business performance management, learning and knowledge capital development.

To date the PHAROS software suit is composed of the following components:

PHAROS Business Navigator, a comprehensive yet simple and easy to use introductory PC software package for measuring, monitoring and benchmarking strategic business performance of enterprises.

The Business Environment Strategic Toolkit, (BEST) a PC software decision support tool based on modern business concepts (revenue and market oriented) and the set of original innovative economic indicators as business performance measures.

The Financial Improvement Toolkit, (FIT) a simple tool assisting company managers in analysis and improvements of annual financial assets.

Measurement Control Chart Toolkit, (MCCT) a software tool assisting managers in routine activities related to handling measurement systems.