Title Long-Term Conflict Prevention and Industrial Development: The United Nations and Its Specialized Agency, UNIDO
Abstract The aim of this book is to consider the root causes of recent internal conflicts, and to develop long-term conflict prevention strategies from here. New insights suggest the central role of politico-economic inequalities in ethnic, religious and cultural conflict. The United Nations system has just started to adjust to this new reality of conflict and make long-term conflict prevention a priority issue on international agendas. Whereas development practitioners should principally conceive their work through a conflict prevention lens, there is a shift in focus to United Nations agencies that deal with the economic characteristics of conflict. The unbroken significance of a sustainable industrial development process in developing countries may allow the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) a particular vantage point and role in the long-term prevention of conflict.
Date 2003
Language(s) English
Pages 252 pages
Price EURO 55.00/US$ 74.00
ISBN 90 04 13619 3
Co-publisher Brill
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