Safety measures

General measures

  • Study of terrain morphology before starting with investigation.

  • Inspect and identify gas and water pipes and electric lines if applicable.

  • Restrict moving of heavy machinery in the site. These movements must be performed slowly and carefully.

  • Control of site access (enclosure, entrance registry, etc.).

  • Delimitation of specific areas with controlled access, as decontamination area, emergency and first aid facilities, administrative facilities, restricted use areas, etc.

  • Do not enter offices or rest areas wearing shoes or any PPE used in the field. Protective plastic wrapping (overshoes) can be used for the shoes.

  • During operations that implicate a direct contact with the contaminant a bag in order to keep contaminated tools and dispose used gloves once an activity has finished is required

  • Clean gloves and safety face masks will be always available.

  • At strategic points of the contaminated site, absorbent paper will be available in order to mitigate any possible accidental spillage.

  • Machinery and equipment should be selected according to international safety laws. Furthermore, machinery must be used by specialized personnel and use instructions must be strictly followed.

  • Loading and unloading operations must be done with extreme precaution.

  • Smoking, eating, drinking and the use of mobile phones must be prohibited during works and should be just performed in specific areas which are designated for this purpose and after following an exit protocol of the working site.
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