Tuesday, 06 May 2014

European Commission and UNIDO agree on a roadmap for industrial cooperation

VIENNA,  6  May 2014 – Daniel Calleja-Crespo, Director General of the European Commission's Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, visited today the Headquarters of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna to discuss with UNIDO Director General, LI Yong, a roadmap that would guide the EU-UNIDO cooperation in the next few years.

Future cooperation between the European Commission and UNIDO will particularly focus on industrial policies and reindustrialization, SME policies and networks, and investment missions, including EU missions for growth and norms and standards. The EU and UNIDO will also involve each other more systematically in respective work, including in international conferences.

"For many years, industrialization, the main driver of economic and social development, has been overlooked," said Director General Li. "I congratulate the EU for its new policy priority of re-industrialization and industrial renaissance, particularly the structural support to SMEs which are the backbone of the economy in many countries."

Daniel Calleja said: "We need to match our re-industrialization objectives in the European Union and the value added that our industries and enterprises can provide with the concrete needs of developing countries. It is for this reason that I very much look forward to a fruitful and close cooperation with UNIDO."

The visit by Calleja was a follow-up to the agreement on SME Policy Implementation signed with UNIDO Director General Li during the UNIDO General Conference held on 3 December 2013, in Lima, Peru.

Györgyi Martin Zanathy, Head of the EU Delegation to UNIDO, who also took part in today's meeting, actively supported the preparation of the event and coordinated European Union Member States' participation in the high level dialogue.

A complete programme of the EU-UNIDO Dialogue on SME Policy Implementation event is available here

The opening speech of DG Calleja on the EU-UNIDO Dialogue event is also available here 

Presentations for the EU-UNIDO Dialogue on SME Policy Implementation:

Industrial Policy for an industrial renaissance(EC)
Industrial policy: UNIDO approach and worldwide implementation(UNIDO)

Instruments for SME Policy, SME support networks and clusters(EC)
SME support policies: industrial upgrading, clusters and networks:ITPO and SPX(UNIDO)

Industrial norms and standards(EC)
Norms and standards for competitiveness (UNIDO)

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