Sunday, 02 February 2014

OECD, UNIDO highlight role of economic zones in catalyzing investment into Iraq

BAGHDAD, 2 February 2014 – The development of economic zones in Iraq was discussed at a meeting organized by the Iraqi National Investment Commission (INIC) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Baghdad today.

A UNIDO expert, invited by OECD, spoke about the relevance of the concept of economic zones for Iraq, suggesting appropriate steps towards the development of such zones, and highlighting UNIDO’s work in the country.

UNIDO is currently implementing a project aimed at enhancing investments in Iraq through the development of industrial zones. Initiated upon a request from the Government of Iraq and with financial support from the Government of Italy, the project strives to create an enabling business environment for domestic and foreign companies to revitalize the private sector.

Participants at the event agreed that the creation of industrial zones would support the attainment of the country’s economic policy objectives, especially in the field of industrial revitalization, economic diversification and private sector development.

The meeting was chaired by Sami Al-Araji, Chairman of INIC. It brought together high-level Government officials, representatives of the Iraqi private sector as well as members of the international assistance and donor community. The meeting also addressed issues such as the development of public-private partnerships in Iraq, which UNIDO actively supports.

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