Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Remediating lake pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina

TUZLA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 August 2014 – Representatives from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Tuzla Canton and a local non-governmental organization encouraging sustainable development known as the Center for Ecology and Energy (CEE) today discussed suitable ecological remediation measures to enhance the water quality of Lake Modrac in Tuzla, northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The meeting presented the results of recent UNIDO activities that identified pollution sources, or hot spots, in the lake and provided cost-effective ways to remedy them. Based on these findings, the orphanage Selo Mira in Lukavac-Turija was preselected as the site where a EUR 100,000 pilot project will build a wetland to treat the wastewater of the 130 residents at the orphanage and prevent it from further polluting the lake. 

“The importance of the project for the people and the environment of Canton Tuzla was emphasized by the Ministry, given the special focus of the project to incorporate eco-remediation solutions involving green infrastructure and technology that are also financially viable for the country in terms of investment, operation and maintenance cost,” said UNIDO Industrial Development Officer Christian Susan during today’s event. 

“Stakeholders have expressed their support for implementing the pilot project at the Selo Mira orphanage as well as the need to receive the funds pledged by the donor in order to go ahead with the implementation.”

Both the event and the new initiative are part of a three-year project funded by the Government of Slovenia to enhance the quality of water at Lake Modrac.

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