Sunday, 16 March 2014

UNIDO initiative develops tourism clusters in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

SKOPJE, 16 March 2014 – A conference held today in Skopje marked the beginning of the implementation phase of a UNIDO-initiated project, which aims to boost private sector-led growth in the country’s tourism sector.

Financially supported by the Government of Slovenia, the two year multi-stakeholder initiative focuses on increasing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in tourism by developing integrated value chains, clusters and business linkages.

“The project focuses on institutional capacity-building, policy advice and the transfer of know-how, and will provide an opportunity for national development partners to learn from global best practices. Meanwhile, by integrating value chain and cluster development approaches, we will be able to tackle a number of existing constraints, thus boosting opportunities for growth and job creation,” said Adnan Seric, UNIDO Project Manager.

Speaking at the conference, Valon Saraqini, the Minister of Economy, thanked UNIDO and the Government of Slovenia for their support. The president of the Chamber of Tourism, Lela Krstevska, also emphasized the need to accelerate the development of the tourism sector and welcomed UNIDO’s initiative.

The project will support product upgrading and the improvement of services while fostering linkages between the wine and lake tourism clusters in the Tikves and Ohrid regions, respectively. It will also support the development of regional tourism strategies.

“In the near future, the project could be scaled-up into a regional initiative that would include other Western Balkan countries, taking into account that they face similar development challenges as the ones observed in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,” Adnan Seric said.

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Adnan Seric
UNIDO Project Manager

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