Thursday, 23 January 2014

UNIDO Egypt regional office holds event on inclusive and sustainable development and investing in the country’s future

CAIRO, 23 January 2014 - The UNIDO Regional Office in Cairo today held an event titled “Inclusive and sustainable development: Investing in Egypt’s future” to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the country’s industrial sector and present the latest Industrial Development Report,  as well as UNIDO’s activities in the country.   

The event brought together representatives of the Ministries of Trade and Industry, Environment, and Local Development, international agencies, the private sector and civil society, and was opened by Giovanna Ceglie, UNIDO Regional Office Representative and Director.

Two panel discussions looked at industrial development, economic growth and job creation and ways to ensure growth with equity, and industry, energy and environment and how to decouple economic growth from pollution and excessive resource consumption.

An exhibition at the event showcased the strategic partnership with the Government of Egypt and UNIDO projects in the country. It featured products originating from field work.  

UNIDO’s flagship publication, the Industrial Development Report 2013, was presented by Ludovico Alcorta, Director of UNIDO’s Development Policy, Statistics and Strategic Research Branch. The report emphasizes that manufacturing, with more than half a billion jobs globally, is crucial for employment generation, and for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

Read the Industrial Development Report summary report in English, Arabic or Spanish, or the full report in English.

The full report on the Cairo event is available here


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