Terms of Reference for Ongoing Evaluations

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Independent mid-term review. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Stimulating industrial competitiveness through biomass-based, grid-connected electricity generation (SAP 100288 and 100285 (PPG); GEF ID: 4747) PDF (219KB)
Independent mid-term evaluation. REPUBLIC OF SUDAN. Building institutional capacities for the sustainable management of the marine fishery in the Red Sea State (SAP 130130) PDF (427KB)
Independent final evaluation. URUGUAY. Training Centre for Mechatronics and Automation Technology for the Industry in Uruguay (SAP 100041) PDF (395KB)
Independent evaluation. SOMALIA. Countering Violence an Extremism through Skills Training and Livelihoods Support for At-Risk Youth in Kismayo (SAP 140231). Period covered: April 2015 – July 2016 PDF (143KB)
Independent country evaluation in the United Republic of Tanzania (Period covered: 2011-2015) PDF (901KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Demonstration of BAT and BEP in Fossil Fuel-fired Utility and Industrial Boilers in Response to the Stockholm Convention on POPs (GF/RAS/10/003 - SAP 104066; GEF ID: 3732) PDF (649KB)
Independent mid-term review. URUGUAY. Towards a green economy in Uruguay: stimulating sustainable production practices and low-emission technologies in prioritized sectors (SAP 120323 and 120250 (PPG); GEF ID: 4890) PDF (251KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Phase out of HCFCs and promotion of HFC-free energy efficient refrigeration and air-conditioning systems in the Russian Federation through technology transfer (GF/RUS/11/001 – SAP 105324; GEF ID: 3541) PDF (10MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Promoting renewable energy-based grids in rural communities for productive uses in Côte d’Ivoire (GF/IVC/12/005 – SAP 100186; GEF ID: 4005) PDF (509KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Supporting job training for youth in Guinea (TF/GUI/12/003 - SAP ID 120220) PDF (202KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. ARMENIA. Cleantech Programme for SMEs - Armenia (SAP 120344; GEF ID: 5145) PDF (233KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency in the industrial sector in Moldova (GF/MOL/10/001 - SAP 103043; GEF ID: 3719) PDF (532KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Promoting ultra low-head miro hydropower technology to increase access to renewable energy for productive uses in rural India (UNIDO SAP 120182) PDF (903KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Improve the health and environment of artisanal gold mining communities in the Philippines by reducing mercury emissions (UNIDO SAP 120016; GEF ID: 5216) PDF (1.8MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. SPWA-CC: Promoting renewable energy-based mini-grids for rural electrification and productive uses (GF/CHD/12/001 - SAP 100184; GEF 3959) PDF (5MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Upgrading the medicinal and aromatic value chain - Access to export markets (EMAP) (US/EGY/10/005) PDF (789KB)
Thematic review. UNIDO ozone depleting substances projects under the Montreal Protocol with emphasis on countries in the Latin American and Caribbean and in the European region PDF (321KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Industrial energy efficiency in Ecuador (GF/ECU/11/004 - SAP 103017; GEF project No. 4147) PDF (607KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Participatory control of desertification and poverty reduction in the arid and semi-arid high plateau ecosystems of Easter Morocco (GF/MOR/09/001 - SAP 101058). Evaluation conducted by:  IFAD PDF (204KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Reduction of mercury emissions and promotion of sound chemical management in zincs smelting operatins (GF/CPR/12/001; SAP 100338) PDF (230KB)
Impact assessment and final evaluation. Industrial Energy Efficiency improvement in South Africa (SAP: 103097 - SE/SAF/09/001, SE/SAF/09/A01, TE/SAF/11/001, UE/SAF/09/002) PDF (638KB)
Independent UNIDO country evaluation in SIERRA LEONE (draft terms of reference, 15 April 2014) - EVALUATION SUSPENDED PDF (806KB)
Independent end evaluation of UNIDO project TF/MOZ/07/003 - Entrepreneurship development of the youth PDF (74KB)

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