Title Fertilizer Manual (3rd edition)
Abstract The 3rd edition of the Fertilizer Manual, prepared jointly by UNIDO and the International Fertilizer Development Center, is a comprehensive reference work on the production, distribution and application of both organic and inorganic fertilizers. This completely revised edition takes into account the major advances in fertilizer technology that have taken place since the last edition was published in 1979. It is intended to help meet the global challenges created by a burgeoning world population, a steady shrinkage of the remaining land area available for conversion to agricultural uses, and mounting food insecurity, which were highlighted at the World Food Summit held in November 1996 in Rome.
Date 1998
Language(s) English
Pages 615 pages
Price US$ 75.00
ISBN 0-7923-5032-4
Co-publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Notes Please order from the International Fertilizer Development Center, P.O. Box 2040, Muscle Shoals, AL 35662, USA, Fax: +1-205-381-7408.

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