Documents and presentations:

International Conference on Green Industry in Asia
Manila, Philippines, 9-11 September 2009

Managing the transition to resource-efficient and low-carbon industries

The State of Industrial Resource Efficiency in Asia
Resource Efficiency for Green Growth - S. Nishioka (2,2 MB)
The Future of Industry in Asia (5 MB)

The way forward: New opportunities in Asia
Circular economy in China - L. Shi (800 KB)
Global trends and European policy scenarios - S. Giljum (570 KB)

Side-event :Greening the Tourism Industry
Competitiveness Through Sustainability - A. Wong Kim Hooi (2,5 MB)
Sustainable tourism; a success story from Sri Lanka - S. Peiris (3 MB)
Low carbon industry: challenges & responses - B. Mohanty (1 MB)
Tourism and resource use; a snapshot - S. Fotiou (300 KB)
Sustainable agroecotourism in low-carbon societies - C. Cavaliere (5 MB)

Side-event: Next Generation Biofuels
Next generation biofules: Malasyian experience - S. Ahmad, C. Yuen May (4 MB)
Biorefinery; The Theme of Next Generation Biofuels - A. Lali (500 KB)
Why, What, How, When? - S. Miertus, S. Zinoviev (1 MB)
Agricultural and forestry residues - J. Giersdorf, A. Perimenis, F. Müller-Langer (3,5 MB)

Technical session: Resource Efficiency & Cleaner Production
Reducing resources intensity in industrial processes in Vietnam - N. Van Thanh (330 MB)
Technology Trajectory and Drivers - C. Visvanathan (1,5 MB)
Cleaner production strategy in Indonesia - R. Marshal (1 MB)
Brandix Environmental Strategy - I. Somarathna (1,1 MB)
Greening the brown; food industry (21 KB)

Panel discussion: Reducing the Resource Intensity of Industrial Processes
Moderator: Ms. J. Tan (31 KB)

Technical session: Moving to Low-Carbon Industrial Processes
Green Finance for Green Industry and Green Economy - V. Zhikai Gao (24 KB)
Environment performance of Indian industry - C. Bhushan (400 KB)
Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production - F. Schröder (1,2 MB)
Moving to low-carbon industrial processes - E. Chua (625 KB)
Industrial energy efficiency - R. Williams (170 KB)

Promoting the energy and environmental services sector
APRSCP: Experience on EG&S Issues - A. Shun Fung Chiu (2,2 MB)
Promoting environmental services in Asia - G. Sethi (650 KB)
Greening the SMEs needs resource efficiency service sector - W. Zhao (1,8 MB)
Issues and challenges - Dr. A. B. Siriban-Manalang (3 MB)
Practice and Experience of Promoting Efficient Lighting in China - H.Wei (725 KB)

Financing Green Industries in Asia

Challenges and concerns (11 KB)
Green rating project - C. Bhushan (380 KB)
Financing green industries in Asia; the IFC experience (345 KB)
Incentives for Environmental Investment in Indonesia - L. Dhewanthi (2,2 MB)
Financing green industries in Asia: P. Sehgal (133 KB)
Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production - F. Schröder (1,2 MB)
Sustainable energy program (105 KB)

Green Decent Jobs for Green Growth
From Jobs to Green Jobs: A Just Transition Framework - C. Cruz (1,1 MB)
Green Jobs for Green Growth - V. Jugault (310 MB)
Can Asian green industry drive the economic recovery? - L. Alcorta (400 KB)
Regulations, Policies and Standards Drive Green Decent Jobs - L. Tienan (1 MB)

Side-event: Greening of Industry under the Montreal Protocol

Argentina’s perspective - L. Berón (3,6 MB)
Using Montreal Protocol to Protect the Climate - K. Taddonio (1 MB)
Visions of the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol - H. Ahmadzai (298 KB)
Pakistan and the Montreal Protocol (605 KB)
Greening of Refrigerator & Air-Conditioner Industry in China - L. Yuan (1,5 MB)

Eco-friendly products, energy and environmental services

CP4BP implementation and results - T. Van Nhan (6 MB)
Eco-friendly products in Asia: an Overview - P. Bracht (2 MB)

Closing speech
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (13 KB)

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