Improving food security and agricultural productivity in selected communal areas in Zimbabwe

Due to significant changes in the land tenure system and agricultural sector in Zimbabwe in the past two years, combined with the negative macro-economic conditions, as well as droughts, the population is faced with severe shortages in availability of food.
There is an urgent need to assist the rural communities in Zimbabwe with not only improved equipment and methodologies for food production but also methods of basic food processing and conservation, both for direct hunger reduction, as well as for basic income generation to diversify sources of nutrition and reduce impact of seasonal fluctuations.
This project will offer technical assistance to around 3000 families, smallholder farmers (targeted beneficiaries) in newly resettled areas and communal areas in certain agricultural sectors. In order to sustain the effort, an additional support is foreseen to agricultural extension staff as well as local blacksmiths to assure maintenance and repair of all equipment that is needed for food production and basic income generating activities.

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