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Green Industry Conference Day 3

Field Visit

Visits to local industry sites relevant to green industrial development will be organized for participants of the conference.

Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Chonburi)

In a bid to increase the re-manufacturing and re-usability of its products, Fuji Xerox operates a recycling facility in Chonburi, Thailand, that collects and disassembles end-of-life devices from nine countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The recycling system has achieved the company’s zero landfill goal from the disposal of used products and consumables. The Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing plant tour will demonstrate an advanced model for achieving business growth and environmental conservation at the same time.

Interface Thailand (Amata Nakorn Industrial Park, Chonburi) 

The Thai subsidiary of Interface, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of modular carpet tiles and widely recognized as an environmental pioneer, is helping implement “Mission Zero®,” a 21-year-old company-wide promise to eliminate any negative impact it has on the environment by the year 2020. Occupying the first LEED® certified building in Thailand, the 350-staff company provides manufacturing, distribution, financial, and supply chain services to Interface’s customers throughout the Asia Pacific region. The company is recognized globally for its commitment to build environmental considerations into its business decisions, with Interface Thailand boasting a highly engaged and active program supporting a low environmental footprint and a strong connection with the local community.

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