A proposed methodology for the sustainable assessment of industrial subsectors for policy advice

Working Paper 10/2014

Seasonal adjustment of national indices of industrial production at international level

Working Paper 09/2014

The creative ecosystem: Facilitating the development of creative industries

Working Paper 08/2014

Patterns of structural change and manufacturing development

Working Paper 07/2014

Sustainable assessment of chemical industries for policy advice. The case of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Viet Nam

Working Paper 06/2014

Foreign direct investment, employment and wages in sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper 05/2014

How industrial development matters to the well-being of the population. Some statistical evidence

Working Paper 04/2014

Industrial development in North African countries - A statistical profile

Working Paper 03/2014

Growth and distribution pattern of the world manufacturing output: A statistical profile

Working paper 02/2014

Manufacturing as an engine of growth: Which is the best fuel?

Working Paper 01/2014


Informality in manufacturing and the economy

Working Paper 08/2013

With a little help from my friends: supplying to multinationals, buying from multinationals and domestic firm performanceWorking Paper 07/2013

Working Paper 07/2013

Multinationals in sub-Saharan Africa: domestic linkages and institutional distance

Working Paper 06/2013

Youth productive employment through entrepreneurship development in the Arab Region: State of the art interventions in Egypt and Tunisia

Working Paper 05/2013

Comparison of economic linkages between China and Africa: Applying the WIOD database

Workipn Paper 04/2013

Factors influencing the international trade of carbon offsets from the destruction of the ozone depleting substances

Working Paper 03/2013

The industrial policy process in Ghana

Working Paper 02/2013

Country grouping in UNIDO statistics

Working Paper 01/2013


The structure and growth pattern of agro-industry of African countries

Working Paper 09/2012

Which domestic firms benefit from FDI? Evidence from selected African countries

Working Paper 08/2012

FDI and local linkages in developing countries: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper 07/2012

Diaspora investments and firm export performance in selected sub-Saharan African countries

Working Paper 06/2012

Industrial Development in Least Developed Countries

Working Paper 05/2012

Pro-employment manufacturing development in large countries

Working Paper 04/2012

Diversification vs. specialization as alternative strategies for economic development: Can we settle a debate by looking at the empirical evidence?

Working Paper 03/2012

Economic Diversification Strategies: A Key Driver in Africa’s New Industrial Revolution

Working Paper 02/2012

R in the Statistical Office: Part II

Working Paper 01/2012


Productive Capabilities Indicators for Industrial Policy Design

Working Paper 17/2011

Unravelling Manufacturing Development: The Role of Comparative Advantage, Productivity Growth and Country-Specific Conditions

Working Paper 16/2011

Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries for the Manufacturing Sector

Working Paper 15/2011

Barriers to Energy Efficiency: International Case Studies on Successful Barrier Removal

Working Paper 14/2011

Policy Options to Overcome Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries

Working Paper 13/2011

Industrial Energy Conservation, Rebound Effects and Public Policy

Working Paper 12/2011

Energy Efficiency in Electric Motor Systems: Technology, Saving Potentials and Policy Options for Developing Countries

Working Paper 11/2011

Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency: A Literature Review

Working Paper 10/2011

Barrier Busting in Energy Efficiency in Industry

Working Paper 09/2011

Approach to Energy Efficiency among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India: Results of a Field Survey

Working Paper 08/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency, Economic Development and Poverty Reduction

Working Paper 07/2011

Risk Management for Energy Efficiency Projects in Developing Countries

Working Paper 06/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness

Working Paper 05/2011

Energy Efficient Production in the Automotive and Clothing/Textiles Industries in South Africa

Working Paper 04/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries: A Background Note

Working Paper 03/2011

Industrial Policy for Prosperity: Reasoning and Approach

Working Paper 02/2011

Commodities for Industrial Development: Making Linkages Work

Working Paper 01/2011


The Global Financial Crisis and the Developing World: Impact on and Implications for the Manufacturing Sector

Working Paper 06/2010

Mapping Global Value Chains: Intermediate Goods Trade and Structural Change in the World Economy

Working Paper 05/2010

Emerging Patterns of Manufacturing Structural Change

Working Paper 04/2010

R in the Statistical Office: The UNIDO Experience

Working Paper 03/2010

In Search of General Patterns of Manufacturing Development

Working Paper 02/2010

Compilation of Energy Statistics for Economic Analysis

Working Paper 01/2010


Growth, Exports and Technological Change in Developing Countries: Contributions from Young Scholars

Working Paper 26/2009

The Impact of Institutions on Structural Change in Manufacturing: The Case of International Trade Regime in Textiles and Clothing

Working Paper 25/2009

Structural Change in the World Economy: Main Features and Trends

Working Paper 24/2009

Industrial Development and the Dynamics of International Specialization Patterns

Working Paper 23/2009

Patterns of Manufacturing Development Revisited

Working Paper 22/2009

Human Capital as a Determinant of FDI Technology Spillovers and its Threshold Effects in China: An Analysis Based on Multiple Productivity Estimates

Working Paper 21/2009

Can Green Sunrise Industries lead the Drive into Recovery? The Case of the Wind Power Industry in China and India

Working Paper 20/2009

Mirror Statistics of International Trade in Manufacturing Goods: The Case of China

Working Paper 19/2009

Structural Change and Sectoral Growth in Selected East Asian Countries

Working Paper 18/2009

The Impact of World Recession on the Textile and Garment Industries of Asia

Working Paper 17/2009

Impact of the Global Economics and Financial Crisis over the Automotive Industry in Developing Countries

Working Paper 16/2009

Public Capital, Infrastructure and Industrial Development

Working Paper 15/2009

Telecommunications and Industrial Development

Working Paper 14/2009

On Track for Industrial Development

Working Paper 13/2009

Energy Infrastructure and Industrial Development

Working Paper 12/2009

Human Resource Management and Learning based on In-House R&D: The Pharmaceutical Industry in Mexico

Working Paper 11/2009

Virtual Teams: Practical Guide to Wikis and other Collaboration Tools

Working Paper 10/2009

Towards a New Industrial and Business Statistics Programme for Developing Countries and Countries with Economies in Transition

Working Paper 09/2009

Structural Change and Productivity Growth: A Review with Implications for Developing Countries

Working Paper 08/2009

Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Thai Automotive Industry: From the Perspective of the Interplay between Shocks and the Industrial Structure

Working Paper 07/2009

The Global Financial Crisis and the Developing World: Transmission Channels and Fall-Outs for Industrial Development

Working Paper 06/2009

Changing Patterns in Industrial Performance: A UNIDO Competitive Industrial Performance Perspective - Implications for Industrial Development

Working Paper 05/2009

Multinational Enterprises Foreign Direct Investment Location Decisions within the Global Factory

Working Paper 04/2009

Outsourcing Markets in Services: International Business Trends, Patterns and Emerging Issues and the Role of China and India

Working Paper 03/2009

South-South Cooperation, Economic and Industrial Development of Developing Countries: Dynamics, Opportunities and Challenges

Working Paper 02/2009

FDI Policy Instruments: Advantages and Disadvantages

Working Paper 01/2009


Agri-Food Value Chains and Poverty Reduction - Overview of Main Issues, Trends and Experiences

Working Paper 12/2008

Organizational Learning and Implications for Technical Cooperation Projects

Working Paper 11/2008

Globalization, the Changed Global Dynamics of the Clothing and Textile Value Chains and the Impact on Sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper 10/2008

Upgrading Strategies in Global Furniture Value Chains

Working Paper 09/2008

Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants and Location Decisions

Working Paper 08/2008

The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Learning and Innovation in Developing Countries: Pharmaceutical Firms in Mexico

Working Paper 07/2008

UNIDO Data Quality: A Quality Assurance Framework for UNIDO Statistical Activities

Working Paper 06/2008

External Technology Purchase and Indigenous Innovation Capability in Chinese Hi-Tech Industries

Working Paper 05/2008

Foreign Direct Investment and R&D: Substitutes or Complements - A Case of Indian Manufacturing after 1991 Reforms

Working Paper 04/2008

The One-Village-One-Product (OVOP) Movement: What It is, How It has been Replicated, and Recommendations for a UNIDO OVOP-Type Project

Working Paper 03/2008

Structural Change, Domestic Capabilities and Economic Development

Working Paper 02/2008

Science and Technology Policy in South Africa: A Critical Assessment of Past Performance and Proposed Future Directions

Working Paper 01/2008


Industrial Policy Benchmarking in Dynamic Industrial Locations in the EU – Employment, Skills and Environment Factors: Implications for Developing Countries

Working Paper 12/2007

Downloading Data from the World Productivity Database: User Guide

Working Paper 11/2007

World Productivity Database: A Technical Description

Working Paper 10/2007

Explaining Productivity Change in Morocco

Working Paper 09/2007

Has Foreign Direct Investment Led to Higher Productivity in sub-Saharan Africa?

Working Paper 08/2007

Growth and Inducement Effects of Export-led Processing Industries in the Global Production Chain: The Case of Viet Nam

Working Paper 07/2007

Energy, Industry Modernization and Poverty Reduction: A Review and Analysis of Current Policy Thinking

Working Paper 06/2007

Productivity and Aggregate Growth: A Global Picture

Working Paper 05/2007

Why Development Levels Differ: The Sources of Differential Economic Growth in a Panel of High and Low Income Countries

Working Paper 04/2007

Firm Efficiency and the Destination of Exports: Evidence from Kenyan Plant-Level Data

Working Paper 03/2007

Determinants of Total Factor Productivity: A Literature Review

Working Paper 02/2007

Industry in Growth and Development: A Review of Contending Development Policy Advisory Directions

Working Paper 01/2007


Capacity-Building to Meet International Standards as Public Goods

Working Paper August 2006

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Technology Transfer and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence

Working Paper July 2006

Regional Innovation Systems as Public Goods

Working Paper May 2006

Decoding Organic Standard-Setting and Regulation in Europe (1991-2005)

Working Paper May 2006

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Global Value Chains in the Agrifood Sector

Working Paper May 2006

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Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity: Evidence from the East Asian Economies

Working Paper 03/2006

A Model Approach for Analyzing Trends in Energy Supply and Demand at Country Level: Case Study of Industrial Development in China

Working Paper 02/2006

Determinants of Productivity: Cross-Country Analysis and Country Case Studies

Working Paper 01/2006