Performance of the organized manufacturing sector in India and Andhra Pradesh

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series WP 06/2015

Local innovation and global value chains in developing countries

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series WP 05/2015

Global value chains in Africa

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series WP 04/2015

Technological upgrading in global value chains and clusters and their contribution to sustaining economic growth in low and middle income economies

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series WP 03/2015

Deindustrialisation, structural change and sustainable economic growth

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series WP 02/2015

Regional trade integration and trade facilitation as a pro-industrialization policy tool. The case of North African countries

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series WP 01/2015


Competitive Industrial Performance Report 2014

Working Paper 12/2014

Sustainable assessment of metal industries for policy advice. The case of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Viet Nam

Working Paper 11/2014

A proposed methodology for the sustainable assessment of industrial subsectors for policy advice

Working Paper 10/2014

Seasonal adjustment of national indices of industrial production at international level

Working Paper 09/2014

The creative ecosystem: Facilitating the development of creative industries

Working Paper 08/2014

Patterns of structural change and manufacturing development

Working Paper 07/2014

Sustainable assessment of chemical industries for policy advice. The case of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Viet Nam

Working Paper 06/2014

Foreign direct investment, employment and wages in sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper 05/2014

How industrial development matters to the well-being of the population. Some statistical evidence

Working Paper 04/2014

Industrial development in North African countries - A statistical profile

Working Paper 03/2014

Growth and distribution pattern of the world manufacturing output: A statistical profile

Working paper 02/2014

Manufacturing as an engine of growth: Which is the best fuel?

Working Paper 01/2014


Informality in manufacturing and the economy

Working Paper 08/2013

With a little help from my friends: supplying to multinationals, buying from multinationals and domestic firm performanceWorking Paper 07/2013

Working Paper 07/2013

Multinationals in sub-Saharan Africa: domestic linkages and institutional distance

Working Paper 06/2013

Youth productive employment through entrepreneurship development in the Arab Region: State of the art interventions in Egypt and Tunisia

Working Paper 05/2013

Comparison of economic linkages between China and Africa: Applying the WIOD database

Workipn Paper 04/2013

Factors influencing the international trade of carbon offsets from the destruction of the ozone depleting substances

Working Paper 03/2013

The industrial policy process in Ghana

Working Paper 02/2013

Country grouping in UNIDO statistics

Working Paper 01/2013


The structure and growth pattern of agro-industry of African countries

Working Paper 09/2012

Which domestic firms benefit from FDI? Evidence from selected African countries

Working Paper 08/2012

FDI and local linkages in developing countries: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper 07/2012

Diaspora investments and firm export performance in selected sub-Saharan African countries

Working Paper 06/2012

Industrial Development in Least Developed Countries

Working Paper 05/2012

Pro-employment manufacturing development in large countries

Working Paper 04/2012

Diversification vs. specialization as alternative strategies for economic development: Can we settle a debate by looking at the empirical evidence?

Working Paper 03/2012

Economic Diversification Strategies: A Key Driver in Africa’s New Industrial Revolution

Working Paper 02/2012

R in the Statistical Office: Part II

Working Paper 01/2012


Productive Capabilities Indicators for Industrial Policy Design

Working Paper 17/2011

Unravelling Manufacturing Development: The Role of Comparative Advantage, Productivity Growth and Country-Specific Conditions

Working Paper 16/2011

Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries for the Manufacturing Sector

Working Paper 15/2011

Barriers to Energy Efficiency: International Case Studies on Successful Barrier Removal

Working Paper 14/2011

Policy Options to Overcome Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries

Working Paper 13/2011

Industrial Energy Conservation, Rebound Effects and Public Policy

Working Paper 12/2011

Energy Efficiency in Electric Motor Systems: Technology, Saving Potentials and Policy Options for Developing Countries

Working Paper 11/2011

Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency: A Literature Review

Working Paper 10/2011

Barrier Busting in Energy Efficiency in Industry

Working Paper 09/2011

Approach to Energy Efficiency among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India: Results of a Field Survey

Working Paper 08/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency, Economic Development and Poverty Reduction

Working Paper 07/2011

Risk Management for Energy Efficiency Projects in Developing Countries

Working Paper 06/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness

Working Paper 05/2011

Energy Efficient Production in the Automotive and Clothing/Textiles Industries in South Africa

Working Paper 04/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries: A Background Note

Working Paper 03/2011

Industrial Policy for Prosperity: Reasoning and Approach

Working Paper 02/2011

Commodities for Industrial Development: Making Linkages Work

Working Paper 01/2011


The Global Financial Crisis and the Developing World: Impact on and Implications for the Manufacturing Sector

Working Paper 06/2010

Mapping Global Value Chains: Intermediate Goods Trade and Structural Change in the World Economy

Working Paper 05/2010

Emerging Patterns of Manufacturing Structural Change

Working Paper 04/2010

R in the Statistical Office: The UNIDO Experience

Working Paper 03/2010

In Search of General Patterns of Manufacturing Development

Working Paper 02/2010

Compilation of Energy Statistics for Economic Analysis

Working Paper 01/2010


Growth, Exports and Technological Change in Developing Countries: Contributions from Young Scholars

Working Paper 26/2009

The Impact of Institutions on Structural Change in Manufacturing: The Case of International Trade Regime in Textiles and Clothing

Working Paper 25/2009

Structural Change in the World Economy: Main Features and Trends

Working Paper 24/2009

Industrial Development and the Dynamics of International Specialization Patterns

Working Paper 23/2009

Patterns of Manufacturing Development Revisited

Working Paper 22/2009

Human Capital as a Determinant of FDI Technology Spillovers and its Threshold Effects in China: An Analysis Based on Multiple Productivity Estimates

Working Paper 21/2009

Can Green Sunrise Industries lead the Drive into Recovery? The Case of the Wind Power Industry in China and India

Working Paper 20/2009

Mirror Statistics of International Trade in Manufacturing Goods: The Case of China

Working Paper 19/2009

Structural Change and Sectoral Growth in Selected East Asian Countries

Working Paper 18/2009

The Impact of World Recession on the Textile and Garment Industries of Asia

Working Paper 17/2009

Impact of the Global Economics and Financial Crisis over the Automotive Industry in Developing Countries

Working Paper 16/2009

Public Capital, Infrastructure and Industrial Development

Working Paper 15/2009

Telecommunications and Industrial Development

Working Paper 14/2009

On Track for Industrial Development

Working Paper 13/2009

Energy Infrastructure and Industrial Development

Working Paper 12/2009

Human Resource Management and Learning based on In-House R&D: The Pharmaceutical Industry in Mexico

Working Paper 11/2009

Virtual Teams: Practical Guide to Wikis and other Collaboration Tools

Working Paper 10/2009

Towards a New Industrial and Business Statistics Programme for Developing Countries and Countries with Economies in Transition

Working Paper 09/2009

Structural Change and Productivity Growth: A Review with Implications for Developing Countries

Working Paper 08/2009

Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Thai Automotive Industry: From the Perspective of the Interplay between Shocks and the Industrial Structure

Working Paper 07/2009

The Global Financial Crisis and the Developing World: Transmission Channels and Fall-Outs for Industrial Development

Working Paper 06/2009

Changing Patterns in Industrial Performance: A UNIDO Competitive Industrial Performance Perspective - Implications for Industrial Development

Working Paper 05/2009

Multinational Enterprises Foreign Direct Investment Location Decisions within the Global Factory

Working Paper 04/2009

Outsourcing Markets in Services: International Business Trends, Patterns and Emerging Issues and the Role of China and India

Working Paper 03/2009

South-South Cooperation, Economic and Industrial Development of Developing Countries: Dynamics, Opportunities and Challenges

Working Paper 02/2009

FDI Policy Instruments: Advantages and Disadvantages

Working Paper 01/2009


Agri-Food Value Chains and Poverty Reduction - Overview of Main Issues, Trends and Experiences

Working Paper 12/2008

Organizational Learning and Implications for Technical Cooperation Projects

Working Paper 11/2008

Globalization, the Changed Global Dynamics of the Clothing and Textile Value Chains and the Impact on Sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper 10/2008

Upgrading Strategies in Global Furniture Value Chains

Working Paper 09/2008

Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants and Location Decisions

Working Paper 08/2008

The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Learning and Innovation in Developing Countries: Pharmaceutical Firms in Mexico

Working Paper 07/2008

UNIDO Data Quality: A Quality Assurance Framework for UNIDO Statistical Activities

Working Paper 06/2008

External Technology Purchase and Indigenous Innovation Capability in Chinese Hi-Tech Industries

Working Paper 05/2008

Foreign Direct Investment and R&D: Substitutes or Complements - A Case of Indian Manufacturing after 1991 Reforms

Working Paper 04/2008

The One-Village-One-Product (OVOP) Movement: What It is, How It has been Replicated, and Recommendations for a UNIDO OVOP-Type Project

Working Paper 03/2008

Structural Change, Domestic Capabilities and Economic Development

Working Paper 02/2008

Science and Technology Policy in South Africa: A Critical Assessment of Past Performance and Proposed Future Directions

Working Paper 01/2008


Industrial Policy Benchmarking in Dynamic Industrial Locations in the EU – Employment, Skills and Environment Factors: Implications for Developing Countries

Working Paper 12/2007

Downloading Data from the World Productivity Database: User Guide

Working Paper 11/2007

World Productivity Database: A Technical Description

Working Paper 10/2007

Explaining Productivity Change in Morocco

Working Paper 09/2007

Has Foreign Direct Investment Led to Higher Productivity in sub-Saharan Africa?

Working Paper 08/2007

Growth and Inducement Effects of Export-led Processing Industries in the Global Production Chain: The Case of Viet Nam

Working Paper 07/2007

Energy, Industry Modernization and Poverty Reduction: A Review and Analysis of Current Policy Thinking

Working Paper 06/2007

Productivity and Aggregate Growth: A Global Picture

Working Paper 05/2007

Why Development Levels Differ: The Sources of Differential Economic Growth in a Panel of High and Low Income Countries

Working Paper 04/2007

Firm Efficiency and the Destination of Exports: Evidence from Kenyan Plant-Level Data

Working Paper 03/2007

Determinants of Total Factor Productivity: A Literature Review

Working Paper 02/2007

Industry in Growth and Development: A Review of Contending Development Policy Advisory Directions

Working Paper 01/2007


Capacity-Building to Meet International Standards as Public Goods

Working Paper August 2006

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Technology Transfer and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence

Working Paper July 2006

Regional Innovation Systems as Public Goods

Working Paper May 2006

Decoding Organic Standard-Setting and Regulation in Europe (1991-2005)

Working Paper May 2006

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Global Value Chains in the Agrifood Sector

Working Paper May 2006

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Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity: Evidence from the East Asian Economies

Working Paper 03/2006

A Model Approach for Analyzing Trends in Energy Supply and Demand at Country Level: Case Study of Industrial Development in China

Working Paper 02/2006

Determinants of Productivity: Cross-Country Analysis and Country Case Studies

Working Paper 01/2006