Industrial Upgrading and Modernization Programme for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Venezuela is characterized by a great geographical and ecological diversity, which offers the country vast potential for developing agro-industry value chains, with possibilities of obtaining high yields from permanent, semi- permanent, and short-cycle crops. In addition, the country has a good basis for enhancing productive activities for crucial agro-food industries that are already being present in the country. However, since the oil industry started expanding, Venezuela has been a net importer of agro-food products even though the country possesses excellent conditions for agriculture production.

UNIDO has been requested to provide technical assistance, as well as appropriate tools and methodologies to contribute to a more diversified economy, aggregation of value and export promotion with focus on the five selected agro-industrial value chains.


The project aims at improved food security through strengthening the 5 selected agro-industrial value chains, which would allow to stimulate employment and create favourable conditions for the revitalization of the respective industrial sectors of Venezuela.

UNIDO Strategy

This UNIDO project will support the industrial modernization of 5 selected agro-industrial value chains, which are rice, white and yellow maize, black bean “caraota” and common beans, soybean and sugar cane. Moreover, it will strengthen the related agro-industries in Venezuela by modernizing local capacities in industrial processing and provision of industrial inputs to respective agro-industrial value chains.

Expected Impact

The expected impact is manifold and will encompass the following areas:

  • Economic growth: the project will support agro-industrial cooperatives within 5 value chains enabling them to guarantee food security via the provision of sufficient food supplies meeting internal demand, thereby contributing to a more diversified and value-added local economy, investment and technology promotion, as well as the development of Venezuela’s export potential;
  • Human development: the project will also contribute to accelerated job creation and development of sector specific skills, while also seeking to decrease the gender wage gap and enhance the position of women in the beneficiary enterprises;
  • Pioneer role: It is expected that the practices established as a result of the project implementation in the beneficiary enterprises will also stimulate adoption of similar activities in other enterprises in the selected sectors.

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