This confidential electronic reporting facility has been established to enable UNIDO to address any allegations of wrongdoing and environmental concerns. Your report will go directly to the Director of Internal Oversight Services (IOS) at UNIDO.

Reports are stored on a secure server and are safeguarded against accidental or negligent disclosure.
Please note:

Please attempt to answer the questions below as completely and accurately as possible, to the best of your ability.

What is your main reason for reporting?

I believe that wrongdoing occurred or may have occurred (i.e. alleged breach of law and/or of UNIDO rules and regulations, particularly with ethical implications);
I believe that UNIDO project/operations, however lawful or legitimate, have a detrimental impact on the environment or on the society;
Both are correct.

1. WHO is/was engaged in the alleged situation? Provide name(s), functional title(s), contact details etc.
First Name:
Last Name:
Functional Title(s), Contact Details etc.
2. WHAT happened? Please provide the details of the alleged situation. Be as precise as possible.
3. WHEN did the situation start developing?
4. WHERE is the situation occurring?
Please provide the name of the relevant UNIDO project, branch or operation (if you have no reference, please describe in detail):
5. HOW did the situation develop? For example, were any checks, procedures or safeguards circumvented or violated?
6. WHY did the situation occur? Why were possibly inappropriate decisions made?
7. Is there any specific evidence (e.g. documentation, witnesses) that you are aware of? How can they be located or contacted?
8. Please provide optionally those contact details at which you would appreciate/feel most comfortable being contacted by UNIDO.
Address: Telephone:
City: FAX:
Country: E-Mail