Welcome to the World Productivity Database (WPD)! This website lets you download indicators of productivity performance. Although it is primarily a website devoted to measures of total factor productivity (TFP), partial productivity measures are also available or can be derived from the existing data. You can download levels and growth rates, as well as ten-year forecasts of TFP for as many as 112 countries, from 1960 to 2000.

There are two tabs: Basic Selection and Advanced Selection. For the less experienced user of productivity data, please start with the former. Here, a pre-selected measure of productivity performance is provided that is standard among practitioners. More experienced users of productivity information may prefer to use the latter tab. Advanced Selection contains numerous measures of TFP based on various measurement methods, functional forms, specifications, constant and variable returns to scale and several measures of labour and capital. These variations can be combined in many different ways, all depending on preferences or applications for the use of the information.

It is recommended, first, to study the paper World Productivity Database: A Technical Description, which describes the input data used for the TFP calculations, the various measurement methods applied and how the forecasts were undertaken. Another useful preparation is the User Guide, describing how to operate the WPD website. It guides one through a sample routine, which can, then, be easily replicated.

When you use data from the World Productivity Database, please use the following reference: Isaksson, Anders (2007), "World Productivity Database: A Technical Description," RST Staff Working Paper 10/2007, Vienna: UNIDO.

Good luck with downloading productivity data from the website! Please contact Anders Isaksson regarding suggestions for improvements, questions or comments on the website or database. And please report any flaws encountered-be they in the software (Mr. �mer Aksoycan) or related to the TFP calculations (Mr. Anders Isaksson). You can find contact informations in the "Contact" link below.