Welcome to the UNIDO Productivity website!

This website shows the result of recent UNIDO research on productivity performance across countries. The impetus originated from the project "Productivity Performance in 15 Developing Countries", undertaken between 2004 and 2006. A second round of research on the subject is underway and result from there will be posted regularly.

One of the main outputs of the project is the establishment of the World Productivity Database. This database allows one to download indicators related to economic growth (e.g., capital deepening and growth in total factor productivity), with various productivity indicators taking the most prominent place. More specifically, annual data is available on aggregate growth of output and input as well as productivity levels and growth for some 112 countries, for the period 1960-2000. To use the database, two choices are offered - depending on the users' level of experience. Those with less experience are provided with a pre-selected set of indicators, from which one has only to decide on country coverage and time period. For advanced users, specific selection can be made from a range of measurement methods, functional forms and specifications of the production function, as well as several measures of labor and capital.

Other major outputs of the project were 15 country case studies, conducted by UNIDO and carried out by national experts, together with the report "Productivity Performance in Developing Countries: Trends and Policies". The purpose of conducting individual country studies was to learn how analysis of single countries changes the average picture obtained from standard cross-country regression analysis. Country studies representing all developing regions are reflected in the 15 studies and can be downloaded under Country Studies. The report synthesizes the findings of cross-country regression analysis and country case studies as well as productivity measurement and derivative policy implications for developing countries

UNIDO's productivity research, however, goes well beyond this project. Related reports and working or discussion papers that are being or have been produced can be downloaded under Working Papers and Reports. Work currently underway is presented under On-going Projects, while new papers, reports and additions or changes to the World Productivity Database are reported under News. Links to other productivity sites and researchers are provided under Links.

For more information on this website, the World Productivity Database and UNIDO's research on productivity, please contact:
Mr. Anders Isaksson
Research and Statistics Branch (contact information in the "Contact" link)