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How will you shape the future?

As a UN specialized agency that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability, we are determined to take our part in the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for a better planet and future for us all. But we can only go so far as our people will take us; which is why we place a great emphasis on the employment of talents, to keep our workforce efficient and effective.

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Current Vacancies

Job Title Functional Area Location Closing Date Vacancy type Vacancy No.
Conseiller Technique Adjoint Technical Co-operation Tunisia 25 November 2019 Individual Service Agreement VA2019_ISA_EXT_000140 Apply
Conseiller Technique Principal International – PAMPAT II Economics Tunisia 28 November 2019 Individual Service Agreement VA2019_ISA_EXT_000173 Apply
Energy Portfolio Administrator Engineering South Africa 25 November 2019 Individual Service Agreement VA2019_ISA_EXT_000166 Apply
National Project Coordinator Engineering Lao PDR 05 December 2019 Individual Service Agreement VA2019_ISA_EXT_000169 Apply
Project Coordinator (Gender, Environmental and Social Safeguards Specialist) Technical Co-operation Austria 28 November 2019 Individual Service Agreement VA2019_ISA_EXT_000170 Apply