Keynote Speeches

Mr. Heinz Leuenberger


Mr. Yin Ruiyu

Industries of the Future - Opportunities and Challenges in the Strive to Promote the Rapid Uptake of Green Industry

Mr. Peter Lacy

Global Trends and Opportunities - The Business Perspective on Sustainability and Green Industry

High-level Roundtable 1: Green Industry Policies and Practices

Mr. Paul Hohnen


Plenary 1: Green Industry and Resource Efficiency

Mr. S. Raghupathy

Ms. Bernice Lee

Plenary 2: Green Industry: An Investor Perspective

Ms. Julia Brickell

Ms. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

Mr. Alexandre Comin

Mr. Su Ming

Technical Panel Discussion 1: Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production: the Case of the Textile Industry

Ms. Jane Nyakang'o

Mr. Wan Wai Loi

Mr. Chettiyappan Visvanathan

Mr. James Carnahan

Technical Panel Discussion 2: Green Chemistry and Hazardous Waste

Mr. Heinz Leuenberger

Ms. Brigitte Dero

Mr. Wang Feng

Technical Panel Discussion 3: Women in Green Industry

Ms. Chen Chunhong

Ms. Qiu Xuemei

Mr. Iresha Somarathna

Technical Panel Discussion 4: Indicators, Metrics

Mr. Wang Yi

Mr. Permod Gupta

Mr. Zhou Weidong

Mr. Tadashi Sugawara

Technical Panel Discussion 5: Food and Beverages: Smart Manufacturing

Mr. Claus Stig Pedersen

Mr. Chee Keong Lai

Mr. Bing Zhao

Mr. Yu Zhangli

Mr. Samuel Yang

Technical Panel Discussion 6: Eco-industrial Parks

Mr. Anthony Chiu

Mr. Zuo Peiting

Mr. Hung-Suck Park

Ms. Somchint Pilouk

Technical Panel Discussion 7: Green Industrial Policies

Mr. Johannes Schwarzer

Mr. Oscar Garcia

Mr. Marc Saxer

Technical Panel Discussion 8: Creating Eco-cities

Ms. Yang Xiaoling

Mr. Ludovic Bernaudat

Mr. Satoshi Suenaga

Ms. Socorro Borromeo Atega

Ms. Qiao Qi

Plenary 3: The Green Industry Platform: A Framework for Collective Action

Ms. Marilyn Mehlmann

Mr. Michikazu Kojima

Closing Plenary: Green Industry of Tomorrow, Green Innovation

Mr. Edward Clarence-Smith

Key observations and recommended action agenda of the Senior Officials Meeting