Improvement of Raw Hides and Skins and Creation of a Stakeholders Forum for the revitalization of the leather industry in Lesotho

The objective of the project is to revitalize and upgrade the leather industry in Lesotho by providing assistance with regard to the development of an industry or sector strategy, introducing new technologies and improving the hides/skins and mohair/wool processing and production capabilities.

The expected outputs of project can be summarized as follows:

  • Technical Report on the status of local leather industry and identification of needs to enhance the leather industry
  • Well prepared strategy to enhance the performance of the leather based industry in Lesotho
  • A comprehensive strategy to develop the local leather trade – with special references to opportunities, available resources and international assistance
  • Report and recommendation regarding availability of raw material for the leather industry constraints and assessment of needs for the technical assistance to improve hides & skins improvement project
  • Strategy for establishment of the stakeholder forum (Association) to represent interests of the industry