South Africa

Strategy development of the South African textile and clothing sector

The South African textile and clothing industry constitutes an important sector of South Africa’s economy. It is the most labour-intensive sector of manufacturing and operators are predominantly females and black. Therefore, this sector has a significant impact on gender equity, social inclusion and poverty reduction.
The South African government intends to revitalize the textile and clothing sectors. The project will assist the government in its endeavor to create a medium to long-term strategy composition of South Africa's textile and clothing sector.
The project aims at developing a blueprint to improve the competitiveness of the South African textile and garment industry and to boost its export performance through a best practice support scheme and adequate legal framework.

The project will have three major outputs:

  • A benchmarking study, comparing the present production costs in South Africa for a variety of textile products with the production costs in selected competing countries;
  • A benchmarking study on investment, financial, export and other incentives paid in South Africa in comparison with the selected competing countries and their effect on the production costs;
  • A blue print for the government with recommendations on the medium to long-term strategic positioning and strengthening of the South African textile and clothing sectors.