Unidades Técnicas de Estudios para la Industria (UTEPIs)

The challenge of insertion into global an regional markets means that developing countries must monitor and analyse economic trends as closely as possible. They need to assess their competitive position in regional and world markets and to continuously monitor that position in order to design and implement strategies and policies to support national industry. Within this context, the UTEPIs are units specialized in:

  • Provide consultancy and technical assistance in industrial competitiveness analysis at global and sectoral level.
  • Systematize and centralize relevant information and analysis in order to strengthen the decision-making of the public and private sectors. 
  • Support the strengthening of negotiating capacities of the countries in the international context. 

In Ecuador, an Integrated Programme for the sustainable enhancement of industrial competitiveness was launched in 2004, where the UTEPI was subsequently formally integrated into the structure of the Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness. It now produces a bi-annual Industrial Competitiveness Report and offers on-line access to the continuosly updated data base on the Cost of Doing Business. Additionally, a group of young professionals from the Central Bank who where included in the original training courses subsequently produced extensive statistical analyses to support their national negotiating team on a bilateral trade agreement with the United States. The establishment of the UTEPI has developed capacity for technical analysis of external trade flows, generating several pioneering reports and publications in competitiveness matters.

In Paraguay, UNIDO started in August 2006 by training a group of young proffesionals in the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC) and the Central Bank in its methodology for competitiveness analysis. The Ministry then seconded a group of the participants to set up extensive databases and to draft the first Industrial Competitiveness Report of Paraguay, which was published in October 2007. At the same time, in-depth sectoral analyses have been carried out - inter alia - on soya, leather products and pharmaceuticals. These look at the value chain from raw material through to exported product and identify the stages in the cahin which are generating the gratest value added. The UTEPI established in the Ministry of Industry and Trade was granted official status in July 2007.This unit has developed analytical tools and data base for monitoring, in cooperation with the private sector, the performance of the productive sector. By using internationally recognised data sources, it is possible to carry out regional benchmarking exercises, accurately measuring the performance of Paraguay's industry and specific sub-sectors against that other member countries of the MERCOSUR regional grouping. Another important element of competitiveness is the cost of factors such as energy, transport, labour and industrial land which exert a major influence on industrial competitiveness. The join UNIDO/MIC team has built up an extensive database on the cost of doing business in Paraguay

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Mr. Manuel Albaladejo
Industrial Development Officer,
UNIDO Business Environment and Policy Support Unit