Closing Session

Key takeaways and way ahead

Just this afternoon, I met with some of our development partners, representatives of financial institutions and UN agencies. I have to tell you that I couldn’t be more encouraged and impressed by their willingness and commitment to work together with us and the Government of Ethiopia on advancing their industrial development agenda, including on projects such as integrated agro-industrial parks. We fully understand that the private sector is a driver of economic growth and development. We heard from representatives of successful businesses operating in Ethiopia about the comparative advantages of this country, making it a prime location for investment and, in particular, the untapped opportunities in agro-processing which you may not have been aware of before. We have also learned about the amazing results Ethiopia has achieved in attracting large investments in the textile and garment sector, and leather and leather products sector – both prime investment destinations. Some of you have invested already, those who have not, don’t miss your chance!

Official closing

DESALEGN Hailemariam

Former Prime Minister

It is our firm belief that with the concerted effort of our government, partners, and the growing private sector, Ethiopian manufactured products will soon break into the global market with quality and diversity. We realize partnership is key for success in those endeavors, and we call up on each and every one of you to join hands with us for mutual benefit. This Forum was an opportunity for our Government to underscore its commitment to work with the private sector. More importantly, I believe, that the past two days have provided a platform for both of us – the government and distinguished members of the private sector, and partners – to gain insights into what we can offer each other and how best we can harness our comparative advantages in the Ethiopian leather, textiles and agro-processing sectors. I call upon members of the international business community and partners to seize this opportunity and be part of history in the making, not as witnesses, but as active engineers of Ethiopia's eminent emergence as a global player in business, trade and investment.

Master of Ceremony

Ahmed Shide is the State Minister of the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation. Prior to that, he served in various roles for the Somali National Regional State, such as Deputy Bureau Head of the Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau, Senior Development Advisor to the President in 2008, Head of the Office of Civil Service Refor... Read More