Session 5 panellists from left to right, Mr. Tadesse Hatiya, Mr. Admasu Nebebe, Mr. Adamou Labara, Mr. Jiyang Shi, Ms. Josephine Ngure, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Shide, Mr. Christophe Litt, Mr. Muluneh Ayalew and Mr. Admasu Nebebe.

Access to finance for investment in the manufacturing industry has traditionally been a key constraint for the private sector in Ethiopia. A panel discussion featuring representatives of multilateral development banks, international financial institutions and national banks elaborated on the possibilities for financing private sector investment in Ethiopia.



State Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation

Admasu Nebebe is State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Ethiopia since December 2016, before which he held several different positions within the same Ministry. With over 25 years of progressive leadership experience, including as Director of the Directorate for United Nations Agencies and Regional Economic Cooperation and as Head of the Climate Resilient Green Economy Facility. During his tenure, he led the mobilization of external resources for the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan, and mobilized, negotiated and signed foreign development grants and loans. He also managed and coordinated bilateral economic cooperation, as well as relationships with international and regional organizations, and oversaw the implementation of external economic agreements and programmes.... Read More


Ahmed Shide is the State Minister of the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation. Prior to that, he served in various roles for the Somali National Regional State, such as Deputy Bureau Head of the Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau, Senior Development Advisor to the President in 2008, Head of the Office of Civil Service Refor... Read More

Mr. AYALEW Muluneh

Director, Monetary and Financial Analysis Directorate
National Bank of Ethiopia

Muluneh Ayalew joined the National Bank of Ethiopia in 2003, right after completing his undergraduate studies in Economics from Mekelle University, Ethiopia. He has a Master’s degree from Columbia University, New York City. Currently, he is Director of the Monetary and Financial Analysis Directorate of the National Bank of Ethiopia.. ... Read More

Josephine Ngure serves as the Resident Representative and Country Manager for the African Development Bank Group in Ethiopia. She has held this role since December 2013. In her current job, she manages the Bank’s operations in the country, including a multi-sector portfolio of over USD 1.7 billion comprising of national as well as regional operatio... Read More

Mr. SHI Jiyang

President and Chief Executive Officer
China-Africa Development Fund, China

Jiyang Shi is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the China-Africa Development Fund. A Chinese national, he has worked for the China Institute of Banking and Finance, the Bureau of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Foreign Financial Supervision Administration and the International Department of the People’s Bank of China, the Economic Dep... Read More

Adamou Labara is the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Resident Representative for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somalia based in Addis Ababa since April 2011. He is responsible for all of IFC’s activities in those countries. Mr. Labara joined the IFC in 1998 as an Investment Officer for the Central Africa region based in Douala. He later m... Read More

Mr. LITT Christophe

Head of the European Investment Bank Representation Office to Ethiopia and the African Union
European Investment Bank

Christophe Litt has been the Head of the Ethiopia Office of the European Investment Bank since July 2015. He is a qualified lawyer and has many years of professional experience managing investment in new hospitals, microfinance and infrastructure projects in both Europe and the Middle East. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the London Busi... Read More

Tadesse Hatiya is the current Vice-President of the Development Bank of Ethiopia. He has over 23 years of experience in the banking sector and holds a Master of Business Administration in International Business. ... Read More