2013 September 24
2013 September 27


UNIDO Headquarters, Vienna, Austria


Ms. L. Cartini, UNIDO

Annual UNIDO-ITPO Heads Meeting, Vienna, Austria

The annual meeting of representatives of UNIDO’s Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPO) is an opportunity to share experiences and information on newly launched programmes and projects, forthcoming events and work plans.

It is also a platform for the exchange of ideas on strategic issues to leverage the role of these offices vis-à-vis their external counterparts as well as UNIDO’s technical branches.

Currently, UNIDO’s ITPO Network is composed of the following offices: CIIC Armenia, ITPO Bahrain, ITPO Beijing (China), ITPO Italy, ITPO Japan, CIIC Russian Federation, ITPO Republic of Korea and ITPO Shanghai (China).