Vienna International Centre, Conference Room C-3


Policymaking Organs Secretariat

Briefing on UNIDO’s Programme for Country Partnerships

Following the issuance of a report by the Director General to the sixteenth session of the General Conference (document GC.16/7), which included information on operationalizing the partnership approach, consultations with Member States were held on 10 November 2015. In line with Member States’ request for further details on the PCP approach, a note by the Secretariat, including the terms of reference for the Partnership Trust Fund, was issued (GC.16/CRP.5).

At the forthcoming briefing, the Secretariat will inform Permanent Missions on the partnerships in the two PCPs established so far (Ethiopia and Senegal), as well as the latest addition to the PCPs (Peru). The briefing will furthermore report on concrete results achieved by these partnerships and how they add value to UNIDO's traditional technical cooperation activities, as well as concrete benefits of PCPs for beneficiaries on the ground.

Permanent Missions are invited to pro-actively participate in the forthcoming meeting.
For further information, please contact Philippe Scholtès, Managing Director, Programme Development and Technical Cooperation (telephone: +43 1 26026 3101; e-mail: p.scholtes@unido.org) or Ciyong Zou, Director, Department of Partnerships and Results Monitoring (telephone: +43 1 26026 3386; e-mail: c.zou@unido.org).