2016 Jun. 21 02:00 AM
2016 Jun. 21 03:00 AM


Vienna International Centre, Rotunda



Climate neutrality of Vienna International Centre

The event is scheduled as a side event to the thirty-second session of the Programme and Budget Committee (21-22 June 2016) and will take place on:


Tuesday, 21 June 2016, at 2:30 p.m. at the rotunda (C-building).

Buildings Management Services (BMS) is managed by UNIDO and is funded jointly by all the organizations based at the Vienna International Centre. The “Greening the Blue” initiative set a deadline for all United Nations entities to achieve a system-wide net zero climate footprint by 2020. However, through its successful cooperation with and support by the Government of Austria, BMS has reached this goal ahead of time and the VIC is, as of 2016, climate neutral.

In order to achieve this unique landmark, the VIC now uses electricity from 100 per cent renewable resources and its carbon emissions have been reduced by 56 per cent. Furthermore, BMS implemented substantive building-efficient upgrades, such as the installation of energy-efficient lighting, improvements to the air conditioning system, and the replacement of the façade window glazing.

The celebration will feature statements by representatives of the VIC-based organizations and of His Excellency Ambassador Wolfgang Angerholzer, Director, Organization of International Conferences and Matters Relating to International Organizations in Austria.