2014 April 08
2014 April 10


UNIDO HQ, Vienna, Austria. Conference room C4.



Expert Group Meeting: Achieving impact and market credibility

Since its publication in 2011, the ISO 50001 for Energy Management System (EnMS/ISO 50001) has been globally recognized as a successful method to improve organizations’ energy performances. In order to ensure that this method is being disseminated globally so that it can actually help organizations, UNIDO is holding an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) that will bring together policy makers, leading EnMS/ISO 50001 implementation and conformity assessment experts and other EnMS/ISO 50001 relevant professionals from across the globe.

Participants at the EGM “Achieving impact and market credibility - Policy and conformity assessment frameworks for EnMS/ ISO 50001” will discuss, share experiences and possible solutions on the key issues and challenges associated with the broad and effective dissemination of EnMS and ISO 50001, with some special attention to the areas of certification and accreditation. 

The EGM is expected to deliver the following outputs:

  • Updates on trends and best-practice policy options to support EnMS/ISO 50001 implementation;
  • Recommendations for “sound and effective” certification and accreditation schemes for EnMS/ISO 50001;
  • Stock-taking of current and emerging tools, methodologies and standards to support EnMS implementation in organizations;
  • Insights into the potential of ISO 50001/EnMS to support the development of a global energy performance evaluation framework.

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Presentations for the first day of the EGM:

Achieving impact and market credibility - Policy and conformity assessment related to ISO 50001/ EnMS

UNIDO’s Energy Efficiency programme - The Energy Management Systems Approach

Expert Group Meeting on conformity assessment schemes related to EnMS - Energy performance concepts & key success factors

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Energy management policies and programs from around the globe

Initiatives & Tools to support EnMS implementation

ISO 50001 Implementation at Lidl

Presentations during the third day of EGM:

Working Group 1: Conformity Assessment

Working Group 2: Government policies and regulations for EnMS/ISO50001 implementation

Work Group 3: EnMS Std, Requirements, Tools

For more information on this event, please contact:

Ms. Müge Dolun, Trade Capacity Building Branch, Email

Ms. Bettina Schreck, Energy and Climate Change Branch, Email

Mr. Marco Matteini, Energy and Climate Change Branch, Email