2015 November 24
2015 December 01


Manama, Bahrain

Green Industry Training Programme

The Green Industry training programme gives participants the opportunity to learn how to improve industries’ environmental performance and how to implement the concept of green industry in practice. Participants will:

• Reflect on inclusive and sustainable industrial development

• Learn about technical requirements of green industrial development as well as on strategies, policies, laws and regulations necessary for its successful implementation;

• Find ways to successfully commercialize green industry related products and services;

• Outline institutional platforms for the promotion and dissemination of resource efficient, cleaner production methods and economically viable, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable technologies;

• Create and implement strategies for a green industry that are in line with environmental goals and targets;

• Learn how green industry can be a source for structural diversificatin, job creation and income generation;

• Reflect upon opportunities and contribution of both genders to an environmentally sound industrial development.

The course targets professionals from African and Arab States in the fields of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP), members of NGOs involved in environmental advocacy, academics with a background in technical or policy related studies in green industry, institutions which assist SMEs in the implementation of RECP methods, environmental management systems, low carbon measures and ecodesign.

Interested participants from African and Arab countries are invited to apply here by 25 September 2015.

For more information, please download the information brochure here.