2016 Nov. 28 02:00 AM
2016 Nov. 28 03:00 AM


University of Sussex, Science Policy Research Unit

Launch of Industrial Development Report 2016 in Sussex

Under what conditions can technology trigger structural transformation in developing countries, bringing the possibility of long-term sustainable growth and inclusiveness, while at the same time avoiding environmental degradation?

This is the difficult question addressed in the flagship publication entitled "The Role of Technology and Innovation in Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development", of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

During this special seminar, UNIDO Officer Nicola Cantore will outline the key messages of the report and this will be followed by discussion with Professors Carlota Perez and Raphie Kaplinsky. 

Free copies of the report will be available for those attending. There will also be an opportunity to hear from Professor Kaplinsky about a forthcoming publication on The Intellectual History of UNIDO.

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