2018 Sep. 28 09:30 AM
2018 Sep. 28 11:00 AM


Villa Erba, Cernobbio

Manufacturing as a powerhouse of emerging countries

How will manufacturing affect the development of emerging countries? The role of the manufacturing sector in emerging countries is to create employment and wealth, even if it has also been observed that there are gaps in human skills, education and technology. That represent an obstacle in adequately address the manufacturing sector’s ever-changing skill and technology needs.

Furthermore, as reported in the IMD Policy Paper of 2017, public investment has broadly increased in developing countries over the last 15 years. Despite this, the investment in infrastructures remains considerably lower than in other countries. Infrastructure services are primarily provided by the public sector and private participation is largely channeled through PPPs, which are mostly concentrated in the energy sector.

The session aims to explore the current situation of manufacturing development in emerging countries and the importance of embracing the digital revolution.

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