2013 Feb. 01 09:00 AM
2013 Mar. 08 13:00 PM



National Trade Capacity Building Training Programme, Module I Online

The course consists of two distinct parts:

Module I (Online part February/March 2013)

A preliminary 5-week distance learning component ensures that all participants
share a common knowledge concerning issues of trade capacity building. Active
engagement in online discussions and the relevance and quality of case studies
prepared by participants in relation to their national specificities are part of the
selection process for the face-to-face component of the course.

Module II (Residential part: Kyrgyzstan, May 2013)

The 8-day residential part of the course offers a dynamic mix of lecture-based and participatory teaching methods. Participants will take part in a number of training sessions and develop and present thematic studies. Seminars, group works and discussions will foster intense debates on thematic studies while peer reviews and unique exercises increase participants’ skills and effectiveness in facilitating market-driven, trade/industry system transformations and economic developments within their respective countries.

The course and all related material will be in Russian.