2019 Jul. 04 12:30 PM
2019 Jul. 04 15:30 PM


Conference Room 3, C-Building, Vienna International Centre (VIC) Vienna, Austria


UNIDO, Government of Japan, African Union Commission

Pre-TICAD7 Event in Vienna

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Presentation I: TICAD Process by Mr. Masahiko Kiya, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Presentation II: 1. TICAD's support to IDDA III by Mr. Victor Djemba, UNIDO
Presentation II: 2. Structural Change for ISIS by Mr. Nobuya Haraguchi, UNIDO


UNIDO-JAPAN Cooperation for African Development Brochure

General Background:

The Seventh Tokyo International Conference of African Development (TICAD 7) is scheduled to take place from 28th to 30th August 2019, in Yokohama, Japan. Since its launch in 1993 by the Government of Japan, TICAD has become a major global platform for Africa’s development with its inclusive and open approach through continuing process of support for Africa and consensus building around African development issues. 

UNIDO has been an active partner and supporter of the TICAD process since its launch, with its strength in industrial development cooperation. As the specialized UN agency in charge of industrial development, UNIDO is the lead implementer of UN's Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa (IDDA III 2016-2025) to firmly anchor Africa on a path towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID). 

Structural economic transformation and industrialization have become even more vital for Africa's sustainable growth and the linkage between TICAD, IDDA III and UNIDO's ISID mandate are being enhanced and strengthened. This pre-TICAD7 event will allow exchanging on the direction of industrialization in Africa and on how TICAD and IDDAIII can jointly respond to Africa's current development needs as well as to new technology trends and innovation.

Objectives of the event:

  1. Strengthen understanding on TICAD process, industrialization in Africa, and IDDA III through UNIDO’s ISID;
  2. Formation of shared understanding on the structural transformation needs in Africa;
  3. Discuss on critical role of partnership and cooperation between TICAD 7 and IDDA III in enhancing economic transformation through further industrialization and innovation in Africa.

Language of the event:

 English and French.