2015 June 04
2015 June 05


UNIDO Headquarters, Vienna



Strategic Retreat of Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP)

Event 4-5 June

UNIDO will host the strategic retreat of the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP), a multi-stakeholder partnership, facilitated by the World Bank, which focuses on supporting improved food safety systems, enhancing agri-food value chains and improving public health outcomes. UNIDO is one of the key implementing partners and is recognized for its work in implementing food safety programmes and its unique approach in designing and implementing the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Food Safety Protocols. It has also contributed at a technical level by participating at the GFSP Technical Working Group and at a strategic level by participating at the GFSP Leadership Group.

The event will examine GFSP's current strategy, governance, implementation and decision-making processes, as well as funding options, and come up with a forward-looking strategy.