First Workshop of the Industry Working Group

IWG First Workshop

When: 7-8 May 2019

Where: Conference Room 1, 2nd Floor, C-Building, Vienna International Centre, Austria

The Industry Working Group is a B-to-B platform that has the dual purpose to work directly with industrial corporations to increase widespread implementation of energy efficiency and other low-carbon measures and provide energy end-user perspectives in policy and program design.

By focusing on perspective of the energy end-user, the IWG will be a catalyser for increased knowledge sharing and collaboration between industrial corporations and policy makers, and thereby overcome one of the key barriers to replicating and upscaling technical projects on the ground. Taking a business case approach, the IWG will work directly with industrial corporations, in collaboration with supporting international and non-profit organisations, research institutions and policy makers, to develop industry as the key agent to achieve the full cost-effective potential offered by energy efficiency and other low carbon solutions.

The first workshop of the IWG will be held at the UNIDO headquarters in Vienna on 7-8 May 2019. The main objective of this kick-off workshop is to discuss and agree on the IWG’s proposed approach with members of Industry and other key stakeholders, including policy makers and potential supporting organizations.

The workshop will consist of two separate and subsequent sessions; the first one (day 1), open to all participants, will focus on the perspectives of the different stakeholders and will include break-out sessions in which members will present and discuss priorities as to what they want to get out of the IWG and how to best achieve them. The second session (day 2) is intended for industry participants only and will introduce key energy efficiency initiatives and include a break-out session in which members will work with UNIDO to determine the most effective results driven working format for the IWG.

For more information, please contact:

Marco Matteini

Industrial Development Officer

UNIDO Department of Energy


Hannes Mac Nulty

Senior International Energy Efficiency Consultant

UNIDO Department of Energy