Vienna Energy Conference 2009

Towards an Integrated Energy Agenda Beyond 2020: Securing Sustainable Policies and Investments

22-24 June 2009, Vienna, Austria

With the onset of the financial crisis and global economic downturn, there is mounting concern that urgently-needed energy and climate-related investments may be adversely affected. However, the current economic turmoil could also create new markets and enable global “green growth” based on a re-built financial system that stimulates private competition to fund low carbon technologies and systems.  

The Vienna Energy Conference 2009 will provide a platform for high-level policymakers and world-renowned private sector and civil society representatives from developing and industrialized countries to discuss energy issues in the context of the current global financial and economic crisis. This Conference will stress the need for increased international cooperation and highlight the role the United Nations system and the development partners can play in the field of energy. In this context, the conference will serve as an opportunity to:    

  • Bring together some 500 participants from all corners of the world providing an overview of very different opinions and an opportunity to find common ground for solutions;

  • Shift the debate on energy and development in times of economic and financial crisis beyond generalities and identify specific courses of action;

  • Initiate and advance regional and international co-operation in dedicated result-oriented working sessions;

Simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Spanish will be provided for the plenary sessions and in English and French for the parallel session focusing on West-Africa.

Find out more on our flyer, our detailed programme and our programme summary!

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