International Energy Conference 2009

Vienna UNIDO Energy Conferences

Over the past few years, UNIDO has organized a number of successful, highly visible Global Forum activities. Such events allow bringing together policy-makers, experts and other key stakeholders in order to review the latest developments around a specific topic and exchange ideas. They offer a platform to promote information dissemination and enhance partnerships and cooperation between stakeholders. UNIDO’s proven track record in regard to coordinating high-level conferences includes the following past and upcoming major events:

Global Renewable Energy Forum, 7-9 October 2009, Mexico

Co-organized by the Ministry of Energy of Mexico and UNIDO, the Global Renewable Energy Forum 2009 will create a suitable environment for a proactive dialogue in order to strengthen interregional cooperation and encourage innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships aimed at scaling up investments in renewable energy.

Global Renewable Energy Forum, 18-21 May 2008, Brazil

This global event, which was held jointly by the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy and UNIDO promoted a proactive dialogue between countries and regions to reduce poverty and enhance energy security through the wide spread use of renewable energy. It aimed at strengthening interregional bonds, and at the same time, enhanced joint actions worldwide.

International Conference on Renewable Energy in Africa, 16-18 April 2008, Senegal

This joint activity by the government of Senegal, the African Union, the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and UNIDO provided an opportunity to examine how bottlenecks in renewable energy markets in Africa can be addressed. The conference especially focused on policies, technologies, financing and capacity building related to renewables.

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