Project Description

Full Project Title: 

Capacity building for environmentally sound PCBs management and disposal.


Project number:


Starting date:

June 2009


4 years

Total Project Budget:

8,208,318 U$


  • Ministry of Nature and Environment of Mongolia (MNE)

Project Description

The project will enable environmentally sound management (ESM) and disposal of targeted PCB-containing oil and equipment in fulfillment of Mongolia's commitments under the Stockholm Convention.

The project will develop regulatory infrastructure and strengthen national capacity to identify, monitor, manage, and treat PCBs in an environmentally sound manner as required by the Convention.

Strengthened capacity for ESM of PCBs will include both discarded equipment and equipment remaining in use, so that continued operation of that equipment does not constitute a global environmental risk until it is retired as provide for by the Stockholm Convention.

The project will also directly provide for treatment according to Stockholm Convention and Basel Convention guidelines of a minimum of 1,000 tons of identified targeted PCBs, including PCB-containing equipment and oil.

The project's overall objective is to create capacity for environmentally sound management (ESM) of PCBs for preventing PCBs releases from the electric equipment, avoiding cross-contamination of electric equipment and disposing of 1,000 tons of PCBs wastes. This objective will be achieved through a combination of strategies, including legislative and regulatory development, capacity building, public education, technology transfer, training and technical support. 

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