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UNIDO signs MoU with City of Kitakyushu

On 14 June, 2010, UNIDO Director-General, Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella and Mr. Kenji Kitahashi, Mayor of the City of Kitakyushu, Japan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the purpose to create a framework to guide the Parties’ cooperation in the fields of environmental technology and waste recycling services. 

Subject to the programmes of work approved by UNIDO and the City and the conclusion of specific agreements or project documents for specific projects, the areas of cooperation and joint actions within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding are the following:

1) Promotion of the concept of “Ecotown” in developing countries as a tool for developing waste-recycling industries.  “Ecotown” is based on the concept of zero-emissions, which seeks to utilize, to the greatest extent possible, waste generated by domestic and industrial activities as raw material for other industries.

2) Providing a venue for the training of participants from developing countries in the areas of environmental technology and waste recycling services based on the Ecotown concept.

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Attendees of the Signing Ceremony

Nigerian Delegation

A Toshiba/Konoike delegation visited Nigeria for PCBs contaminated sites investigation. It is reciprocation to the high level official visit made by the Nigerians to Japan last June 2010 and in relation to the need for transfer of POPs cleaning-up technologies of contaminated soil (Toshiba and Konoike). A courtesy visit has been made to the University of Lagos where the pilot plant offered for provisional training purposes by Toshiba/ Konoeki companies will be hosted.

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Visit to Nigeria

Russian Delegation

The Visit of the Russian delegation (including a Member of Parliament) has been made to Kitakyushu in 6-8 September where several recycling companies have been visited. The delegation expressed interest in developing an Eco-town in the Tataristan region, home appliances recycling line, and an e-waste project focusing on technologies of laptops refurbishment and recycling.

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