IDSB - 2015 edition

Industrial Demand-Supply Balance Database

IDSB - 2015 edition at 4-digit level of ISIC Revision 3 & Revision 4
(available online and on CD-ROM)

The IDSB database contains datasets based on 4-digit level of ISIC Revisions 3 and 4. The data are derived from output data reported by NSOs together with UNIDO estimates for ISIC-based international trade data, by utilizing the United Nations Commodity Trade Database (COMTRADE).

IDSB contains annual time series data (in current US dollars) for eight items:

  1. Domestic output.
  2. Total imports (=5 + 6).
  3. Total exports (=7 + 8).
  4. Apparent consumption (=1 + 2 - 3).
  5. Imports from developing and emerging industrial economies.
  6. Imports from industrialized economies.
  7. Exports to developing and emerging industrial economies.
  8. Exports to  industrialized economies.

The data pertain to Manufacturing and are arranged according to Revision 3 of ISIC at the 4 digit level, which comprises 127 industries, and Revision 4 with 137 industries. They are presented by country, industry and year.

The current edition of IDSB covers:

IDSB Rev. 3
Number of countries/areas: 121
Reference period: 1990-2012

IDSB Rev. 4
Number of countries/areas: 68
Reference period: 2000-2012

*Coverage in terms of years, as well as data items, may vary from country to country depending on data availability.

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