Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology in the South Mediterranean Region - MED TEST

On 28th of March 2012, in Tunis at the presence of the Tunisian Ministry of Industry and Commerce,  His Excellency Mohamed Lamine Chakhar has taken place the national dissemination event  on results and way forward of  the program “Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology in the South Mediterranean Region - MED TEST”.

About 80 high level participants including representatives of public and private sector participated at the seminar that took place at the Tunisian Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft (UTICA).

The presentations highlighted the excellent results achieved by the 15 piloted projects at company level, in terms of cost reduction, resource efficiency and investments made in clean technology.  

The Minister of Industry in his opening remarks highlighted the important achievements gained by the project and called upon UNIDO to scale up the project at National level. “Tunisia has always been on the forefront of the adoption of environmentally sounded technologies and MED TEST is an opportunity for SMEs growth and competitiveness”.

Mr. Samir Haouet, Director of the Textile Technical Centre, leading the Consortium pointed out the significant environment gains achieved by the 15 piloted Tunisian companies assisted by the project over 15 months for Tunisia: water savings 650.000 (m₃/year)and energy saving 25.083 (MWh/year) among others.

Ms Monica Carco’ confirmed that UNIDO has praised the successful partnership establish with public and private partnership all along the implementation and informed that, an extension of the project activities has been granted for 2012, allowing to pilot five more companies.

The project  implemented by UNIDO and a Consortium of three Tunisian Technical centers of agro-food, textile and leather under the umbrella of the Ministry of Industry, aimed at building national capacities in UNIDO-TEST integrated approach and conduct pilot projects within priority industrial areas affecting the Mediterranean basin to demonstrate the economical/environmental benefits of resource efficiency and sustainable production.

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