Industrial Policy

Economic Diversification Strategies: A Key Driver in Africas New Industrial Revolution

Working Paper 02/2012

Economic Development in Africa Report 2011

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Productive Capabilities Indicators for Industrial Policy Design

Working Paper 17/2011

Barriers to Energy Efficiency: International Case Studies on Successful Barrier Removal

Working Paper 14/2011

Policy Brief, November 2011

Grabbing Opportunity by the Mane: Africa's Future Potential for Economic Development

Policy Options to Overcome Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries

Working Paper 13/2011

Industrial Energy Conservation, Rebound Effects and Public Policy

Working Paper 12/2011

Industrial Policy for Prosperity: Reasoning and Approach

Working Paper 02/2011

Strategic Directions on Industrial Policy in Mongolia

Industrial Policy for Prosperity - UNIDOs Strategic Support

Strategic Industrial Intelligence and Governance

Vietnam Industrial Competitiveness Report 2011

Co-publisher: Ministry of Industry and Trade of Viet Nam (MoIT)

Changing Patterns in Industrial Performance: A UNIDO Competitive Industrial Performance Perspective - Implications for Industrial Development

Working Paper 05/2009

FDI Policy Instruments: Advantages and Disadvantages

Working Paper 01/2009

Science and Technology Policy in South Africa: A Critical Assessment of Past Performance and Proposed Future Directions

Working Paper 01/2008

Public Goods for Economic Development. Compendium of Background Papers

Industrial Policy Benchmarking in Dynamic Industrial Locations in the EU Employment, Skills and Environment Factors: Implications for Developing Countries

Working Paper 12/2007

Industry in Growth and Development: A Review of Contending Development Policy Advisory Directions

Working Paper 01/2007