Industrial Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries for the Manufacturing Sector

Working Paper 15/2011

Barriers to Energy Efficiency: International Case Studies on Successful Barrier Removal

Working Paper 14/2011

Policy Options to Overcome Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries

Working Paper 13/2011

Industrial Energy Conservation, Rebound Effects and Public Policy

Working Paper 12/2011

Energy Efficiency in Electric Motor Systems: Technology, Saving Potentials and Policy Options for Developing Countries

Working Paper 11/2011

Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency: A Literature Review

Working Paper 10/2011

Barrier Busting in Energy Efficiency in Industry

Working Paper 09/2011

Approach to Energy Efficiency among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India: Results of a Field Survey

Working Paper 08/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency, Economic Development and Poverty Reduction

Working Paper 07/2011

Risk Management for Energy Efficiency Projects in Developing Countries

Working Paper 06/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness

Working Paper 05/2011

Energy Efficient Production in the Automotive and Clothing/Textiles Industries in South Africa

Working Paper 04/2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries: A Background Note

Working Paper 03/2011