Visiting contaminated sites

Visiting contaminated sites may include short site visits in order to inspect the area and collect relevant information or longer stays to perform a detailed investigation of the contaminated site.

In case of staying for a longer time period in the contaminated area, performing investigation (detailed investigation phase) and/or possible subsequent remediation works specific recommendations concerning health and safety will be followed due to special site conditions and work characteristics. A risk prevention system, including health and safety measures for investigation of contaminated sites should be managed and prepared before starting with field works, establishing specific action protocols with the aim of minimizing possible risks.

In general, preventive management of health and safety for investigation works is based on the following main principles:

  • To avoid risks

  • To evaluate non-avoidable risks

  • To combat risks at their initial state

  • To adapt work to each staff member, considering respective working posts, election of equipments and working methodology

  • To replace dangerous elements with others entailing less or no risk

  • To plan an appropriate prevention system

  • To adopt measures that give preference to collective instead of individual protection

  • To train and inform staff members

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Contaminated site

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