Title Manual for the Preparation of Industrial Feasibility Studies
Abstract The Manual is divided into three parts: Pre-investment studies and the investment project cycle; The feasibility study; and Annexes. The first part deals with categories and basic aspects of pre-investment studies. The second part constitutes the core of the Manual, and deals with such issues as market research, raw materials, engineering and technology, organization and overhead costs, human resources, implementation planning and financial analysis and investment appraisal. The final part of the Manual offers additional supporting material, including a case study, together with description of techniques for assessment and projection of data. The Manual offers the unique advantage of its working forms and schedules being fully compatible with the third generation of UNIDO's Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Reporting, COMFAR.
Date 1995
Language(s) Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish*
Pages 386 pages
Price EURO 25.00
Order No. ID/372
* The Manual is also available in Italian, Indonesian, Polish and Russian. Please order these language versions from the respective publishers listed below:
Italian ORBITER s.r.l ., Strada Provinciale S. Apollaria S.n.c., Cadella Postale 77, 00039 Zagarolo (Rome), Italy; Tel: +3906-9575510; Tel/Fax: +3906-9576170; Mobile phone: +39 3287051 894; e-mail: orbiter4@libero.it
Indonesian Drs. Djumadi, M.Si., The Research and Development Centre of the Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Muhammadiyah, JI HOS cokroaminota 17, Yogyakarta 55253
Polish Centrum Informacji Menedjera, prof. Dr hab. Krsystyna Cholevicka-Go·zik, 00-687 Warsaw, vl. Wep?lna 69/7; Tel: +4822-6255074; Fax: +4822-287306

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