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GAMBIA:  Independent mid-term evaluation. Promoting renewable energy-based mini grids for productive uses in rural areas of the Gambia (GF/GAM/11/001, SAP 103023; GEF project No. 3922). February 2015PDF (3.1MB)
COTE D'IVOIRE: Evaluation indepenente. Amelioration de la competitivite des entreprises ivoiriennes des secteurs d'exportation non traditionnels (EE/IVC/10/001). Februay 2015PDF (1.02MB)
STATE OF PALESTINE:  Technology transfer for recycling of building material waste, Gaza Strip, and support to the marble and stone industry inhe West Bank (TE/PAL/05/005 - SAP 106029). October 2014PDF (1MB)
REPUBLIC OF THE SUDAN: Recovery of coastal livlihoods in the Red Sea State of Sudan:  The modernizationof artisanal fisheries and creation of new market oportunties (TF/SUD/09/002). September 2014PDF (2.5MB)
GLOBAL. Independent final evaluation. Operational phase of the international Centre for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT) (SF/GLO/08/009, US/GLO/08/010). August 2014PDF (558KB)
MEXICO. Independent final evaluation. Integrated assessment and management of the Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem (GF/MEX/09/001). July 2014PDF (779KB)
REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA. Rehabilitation of traning centres in vulnerable communities in Liberia (TF/LIR/11/001). July 2014PDF (2MB)
UKRAINE. Independent mid-term evaluation. Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy in the agro-food and other small and medium enterprises (GF/UKR/11/A04; SAP: 103078). June 2014PDF (479KB)
INDIA. Promoting livelihoods in North Eastern India: The cane and bamboo networking project (SF/IND/08/004, US/IND/08/002, XP/IND/12/006). June 2014PDF (2MB)
ANGOLA:  Independent terminal evaluation.  Technical Assistance for Angola's Entrepreneurship Curricula in Secondary Schools Programme (ECP).  XP/ANG/08/003; US/ANG/08/002; US/ANG/08/001; TF/ANG/10/001. June 2014

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Portuguese (604KB)

GLOBAL: Independent evaluation. Africa (Accelerated) Agribusiness and Agroindustries Development Initiative (3ADI) (UE/GLO/10/016, TE/GLO/10/017, US/GLO/10/018, TF/GLO/12/022, (plus related projects)). June 2014PDF (1.46MB)
ARAB REGIONAL: Independent final evaluation. Support the implementation of the regional Arab Standardization Strategy with focus on the regional coordination on accreditation (TE/RAB/10/001). May 2014PDF (1MB)
REPUBLIC OF THE SUDAN:  Surveys of renewable marine resource in the Red Sea State (TE/SUD/12/004). May 2014PDF (843KB)
REGIONAL AFRICA: Mid-term evaluation: Preparatory and first operational phase of the ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREE). ADA / AECID / ECOWAS / UNIDO. (XP/RAF/10/016, YA/RAF/10/002, YA/RAF/09/021, YA/RAF/12/003, YA/RAF/09/001, UE/RAF/09/025). March 2014PDF (2.2MB)
SRI LANKA: Strengthening international certification capability in Sri Lanka with particular reference to Social Accountability Standard (SA8000) and Food Safety (HACCP/ISO 22000) standard (TE/SRL/06/004). March 2014PDF (2MB)
SIERRA LEONE: Rehabilitation of training-cum-production centres in vulnerable communities of Bo, Kpandebu, Pujehun, Kailahun and Koindu (TF/SIL/11/002). March 2014  PDF (3MB)
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: Independent mid-term evaluation. Environmentally sound management of obsolete POPs pesticides and other POPs wastes in China (GF/CPR/09/006). March 2014PDF (1.5MB)
NICARAGUA: Independent mid-term evaluation. Strengthening of the national quality system - PROEXPORTA (US/NIC/08/003) (External evaluation by:  Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)). March 2014

PDF (355KB)

Comments: 1 and 2

SOUTH SUDAN: Integration and progress through protection and empowerment of displaced groups in Southern Sudan (TF/SUD/12/001 - SAP 110037)PDF (2MB)
THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: Terminal evaluation: Phasing-out PCBs and PCB-containing equipment in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (GF/MCD/08/002). February 2014PDF (9MB)
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Bringing support to the National Reconstruction Programme of DRC for livelihoods recovery and peace building // Appui au programme national de reconstruction de la RDC pour le retablissement des conditions de vie et la consolidation de la paix (TF/ZAI/11/001). February 2014PDF (3MB)
MOZAMBIQUE: Final evaluation. Business Environment and Trade Facilitation (BESTF) project for Mozambique (EE/MOZ/08/001). (external evaluation by: European Union). February 2014

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ZAMBIA: Independent final evaluation. Joint UNIDO-WTO trade capacity-building programme framework for Zambia (TE/ZAM/09/001). February 2014PDF (8MB)
COTE D'IVOIRE: Training of the youth for post-conflict reconstruction and peace building (TF/IVC/10/004); and Quality training insertion of the youth (TE/IVC/08/003). February 2014PDF (1MB)
KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA: Independent final evaluation. Identification, assessment and prioritization of pollution "hot spots" and transfer of environmentally sound technologies (TEST) in the Cambodian Section of the Mekong river basin (TF/CMB/10/002/A02 - SAP ID 104083). February 2014PDF (493KB)
SRI LANKA: End review. UNIDO National Cleaner Production Center, Sri Lanka (UNIDO proj. No. TF/SRL/09/003; external ref. No. LKA 3124-08/048). (External review commissioned by: Norad). December 2013

Review report (2MB)       Comments from UNIDO (1/2)

REGIONAL AFRICA:  Independent evaluation. Restructuring and upgrading of industries in UEMOA countries // Etude relative a l'Evaluation de la phase pilote du programme de restructuration et de mise a niveau de l'industrie des Etats membres de l'UEMOA (TE/RAF/07/001)
(External evaluation by:  UEMOA Commission)
PDF (587KB)
REGIONAL LATIN AMERICA: Evaluacion de medio termino: Observatorio de Energia Renovable Para America Latina y el Caribe (TE/RLA/07/005, UE/RLA/09/001, UE/RLA/09/A01, UE/RLA/09/003, UE/RLA/10/004). December 2013

Report (2MB)Contesting statement (E/S)

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Independent mid-term evaluation. Phase out of HCFCs and promotion of HFC-free energy efficient refrigeration and air-conditioning systems through technology transfer in the Russian Federation (GF/RUS/11/001). December 2013PDF (1.1MB)
TURKEY: Independent mid-term evaluation. Improving energy efficiency in industry in Turkey (IEEI) (GF/TUR/10/002). (External evaluation by: UNDP). December 2013PDF (649KB)
SOUTH AFRICA:  Greening the COP17 in Durban (GF/SAF/11/004, GF/SAF/11/A04, GF/SAF/11/B04). November 2013PDF (1.02MB)
NEPAL:  Independent mid-term evalution. Environmentally sound management of POPs pesticides and disposal of PCBs (GF/NEP/10/001, GF/NEP/10/A01, SAP ID: 104052). November 2013PDF (1.17MB)
PERU: Evaluacion de medio termino: Manejo y disposicion ambientalmente racional de bifenilos policlorados (GF/PER/10/001, GF/PER/10/A01, XP/PER/11/001; GEF SEC project ID: 3709). November 2013PDF (1MB)
VIET NAM: Helping Vietnamese SMEs to adapt and adopt CSR for improved linkages with global supply chains in sustainable production (EE/VIE/08/A07; EC ref. SWITCH Asia 2008 - VN 171-192). November 2013PDF  (4.9MB)
IRAQ:  Independent evaluation. Enhancing investment to Iraq through industrial zone (IZ) development (TE/IRQ/10/006). November 2013PDF       (2MB)
GLOBAL: GLOBAL ENERGY ASSESSMENT: Developing Policy Tools for Jointly Reducing Energy Poverty and Greenhouse Gases (UNIDO SAP ID 103025, prev. GF/GLO/10/004; GEF ID: 3928); and Cooperation with Global Energy Assessment on the development of industrial sector energy end-use module (UNIDO SAP ID: 103026; prev. XP/GLO/09/002). October 2013PDF (692KB)
GLOBAL: Development of the Guidelines for Updating of National Implementation Plans (NIPs) under the Stockholm Convention taking into account the new POPs added to the Convention (GF/GLO/11/013; GEF Project No. 4410). October 2013
PDF (744KB)
VIET NAM: Technical Assistance to Business Registration Reform in Viet Nam 2008-2013 (TF/VIE/08/001, XP/VIE/08/002 and FB/VIE/09/006, US/VIE/10/002). October 2013PDF     (2.0 MB)
GLOBAL: ITPO TOKYO. UNIDO Service in Japan for the promotion of industrial investment in developing countries(Investment and Technology Promotion Office) (US/GLO/10/119). October 2013

PDF     (4.0 MB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Independent evaluation. South Africa Automotive Component Supplier Development (ACSDP) (SE/SAF/09/003). October 2013PDF (756KB)
KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA: Independent mid-term evaluation. Reduce green house gas emission through improving energy efficiency in industrial sector in Cambodia (GF/CMB/11/001). September 2013PDF (525KB)
MOROCCO: Independent mid-term evaluation. Participatory control of desertification and poverty reduction in the arid and semi-arid high plateau ecosystem of Eastern Morocco // Lutte participative contre la desertification et de reduction de la pauvrete dans les ecosystemes arides et semi-arides des hauts plateaux de l'Oriental (GEF-LCD)  (GF/MOR/09/001). (External evaluation by: IFAD). July 2013 PDF (F)(2MB)
RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Independent mid-term evaluation. Market transformation programme on energy efficiency in greenhouse gas-intensive industries in the Russian Federation (GF/RUS/10/004). July 2013PDF (596KB)
VIET NAM: Independent evaluations of UNIDO cluster twinning projects in: India (TE/IND/04/001) and Viet Nam (TE/VIE/08/003), and Review of the UNIDO cluster twinning (CT) approach. July 2013 

India (722KB)

Viet Nam     (931KB)

Review (1MB)

INDONESIA:  Independent evaluation.Realizing minimum living standards for disadvantaged communities through peace building and village-based economic development (TF/INS/08/004). July 2013 PDF  (2.0MB)
ETHIOPIA: Final evaluation. Edible oil value chain enhancement (FM/ETH/10/002, FM/ETH/10/A02). (external evaluation by: MDG Achievement Fund). July 2013PDF (585KB)
ARAB REGION: Transfer of environmental sound technology in the South Mediterranean Region (GF/RAB/08/004). (external evaluation by: UNEP). July 2013PDF (2.0MB)
AZERBAIJAN: Independent mid-term evaluation. Environmentally sound management and disposal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the Republic of Azerbaijan (GF/AZE/10/001). May 2013PDF (989KB)
REGIONAL AFRICA:  Independent mid-term evaluation. Survey of Enterprises in Selected ACP regions (EE/RAF/08/043). May 2013PDF (1.4MB)
CAMEROON: Evaluation indépendante du Programme Pilote d’Appui à la Mise à Niveau, la Normalisation et la Qualité (PPAMNQ) (EE/CMR/08/002). (external evaluation by: European Union). April 2013 

PDF (488KB)

IRAQ: Evaluation of micro enterprises for reintegration of Internally Displaced persons in Thi Qar Governorate (TE/IRQ/08/004). April 2013PDF (4.0MB)
IRAQ: Combined independent evaluation. Enterprise development through information and communication technology (EDICT) (FB/IRQ/09/007) and Investment promotion for Iraq (IPI) (TE/IRQ/09/010). April 2013PDF (3.0MB)
REGIONAL AFRICA: Terminal evaluation of the UNDP-UNEP GEF project: Combating Living Resources Depletion and Coastal Area Degradation in the Guinea Current LME through Ecosystem-based Regional Actions (GCLME) (GP/RAF/04/004, EG/RAF/04/001). (external evaluation by: UNEP). April 2013PDF (1.10MB)
ARMENIA: Final independent evaluation. "Sustainable Livelihood for Socially Vulnerable Refugees, Internally Displaced and Local Families” in Armenia. Project funded by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS) (TF/ARM/09/001/A01/B01). (joint independent evaluation by: UNHCR, UNDP, UNIDO, UNFPA, and UNICEF). March 2013PDF (541KB)
SOMALIA: Independent evaluation. Integration and progress through skills and employment for displaced groups in Somalia (TF/SOM/11/001). March 2013PDF (607KB)
ETHIOPIA: Independent evaluation. Technical assistance project for the upgrading of the Ethiopia Leather and Leather Products Industry (TE/ETH/08/008). February 2013PDF (877KB)
REGIONAL ASIA: Independent mid-term evaluation. Regional (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Mongoia, Philippines, Thailand): Demonstration of BAT and BEP in fossil fuel-fired utility and industrial boilers in response to the Stockholm convention on POPs (GF/RAS/10/003). February 2013PDF (724KB)
IRAQ: Independent evaluation. Promotion of micro-industries for accelerated and sustainable livelihood recovery, Ninewa Governorate of Iraq (MISP V) (TE/IRQ/09/008/A08/B08/C08). January 2013PDF (841KB)
IRAQ: Independent evaluation. Rehabilitation of the Mosul Dairy Plant (FB/IRQ/10/001). January 2013PDF (62KB)
KENYA: Independent evaluation. Crafting a green future - Bamboo in the curio and souvenir industry (TF/KEN/11/001). January 2013PDF (1.01MB)
IRAQ: Private sector development programme for IRAQ (FB/IRQ/08/007/A07), n.b. the UNDP evaluation of the Enabling policy framework for rapid economic recovery, inclusive and diversified growth and private sector development in Iraq includes the Private Sector Programme in which UNIDO has been involved with the aforementioned project. (external evaluation by: UNDP). 2012PDF    (1MB)
MONGOLIA: Indpendent mid-term evaluation. Capacity building for environmentally soud PCBs management in Mongolia (GF/MON/09/001). December 2012PDF (1.68MB)
REGIONAL AFRICA: Independent terminal evaluation. Combating Living Resources Depletion and Coastal Area Degradation in the Guinea Current LME through Ecosystem-based Regional Actions (UNIDO ref.: GP/RAF/04/004, EG/RAF/04/001; GEF: GFL/2731-04-4809, GF/6030-04-12). (external evaluation by: UNEP). November 2012PDF (1.12MB)
REGIONAL ASIA: Independent evaluation. SAARC II - UNIDO projects in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives. UNIDO/N0RAD project - Strengthening institutional and national capacities related to standards, metrology, testing and quality (SMTQ), phase II (TE/RAS/07/001/A01/B01/C01/D01). November 2012PDF (1.32MB)
ARMENIA: Independent terminal evaluation. Technical assistance for environmentally sustainable management of PCBs and other POPs waste in the Republic of Armenia (GF/ARM/08/002). August 2012PDF (2.08MB)
UGANDA: Independent terminal evaluation. Establishment of two District Business Information Centres in Uganda to promote private sector development and information and communication technologies (UE/UGA/09/003). June 2012PDF (630KB)
IRAQ: Technology acquisition to restart and generate economic transformation (TARGET) (FB/IRQ/08/006). June 2012PDF (8.12MB)
VIET NAM: Independent ex-post evaluation. UNIDO support to the National Cleaner Production Center in Viet Nam  (US/VIE/96/063, US/VIE/96/063, US/VIE/04/064). June 2012 PDF (1MB)
MALAWI: Capacity building for aflatoxin management and control in groundnuts in Malawi (TE/MLW/08/001). June 2012 PDF (497KB)
IRAQ. Enabling policy framework for rapid economic recovery, inclusive and diversified growth and private sector development. Outcome 5, UNDP Iraq Country Programme Action Plan 2011-2014. Covering UNIDO projects FB/IRQ/08/007 and FB/IRQ/08/A07 - Private sector development programme for IRAQ. (external evaluation by: UNDP Iraq). April 2012PDF (1MB)
REGIONAL AFRICA: Demonstrating and capturing best practices and technologies for the reduction of land-sourced impacts resulting from coastal tourism (short title: COAST) (GP/RAF/08/004). April 2012 (external evaluation by: UNEP)PDF (2.14MB)
ITALY: Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Italy. April 2012 PDF (1.57MB)
GLOBAL. International Centre for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT), India (US/GLO/08/010, SF/GLO/08/009). April 2012PDF (1.66MB)
GLOBAL. UNIDO Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation (UCSSIC), New Delhi, India (US/GL0/06/015). March 2012PDF (1.35MB)
REGIONAL AFRICA. Trade capacity building in agro-industry products for the establishment and proof of compliance with international market requirements in the East African Community (EAC) (TE/RAF/06/014). February 2012PDF (577KB)
IRAQ. Rehabilitation of the date palm sector in Iraq (FB/IRQ/07/A03). February 2012PDF (561KB)
IRAQ. Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion (EDIP) (FB/IRQ/07/004). February 2012PDF (1.13MB)
EGYPT. Development and the Private Sector. Pro Poor Horticulture Value Chains in Upper Egypt (FM/EGY/09/006, FM/EGY/09/A06) (external evaluation by: Millennium Development Goal Secretariat (MDG-F)). January 2012



MEKONG DELTA COUNTRIES/Cambodia, Lao PDR, Viet Nam: Trade Capacity Building in the Mekong Delta countries of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam through strengthening national and institutional capacities related to standards, metrology, testing and quality (SMTQ) - Phase II (TE/RAS/06/001). November 2011



VIET NAM: Post WTO accession support to Viet Nam: TBT/SPS compliance capacity development related to key export sectors (US/VIE/08/004). November 2011


INDIA: Development of a National Implementation Plan in India as a First Step to Implement the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (GF/IND/07/004). November 2011

PDF (2.19 MB)

GUATEMALA: Evaluación terminal. Construcción del edificio de laboratorio del Centro Nacional de Metrología (CENAME) (US/GUA/02/106). November 2011PDF (391KB)
CARIBBEAN REGION: Independent terminal evaluation. UNIDO - Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative (GSEII) (UE/GLO/04/162, FI/RLA/03/298, UE/GLO/07/009). September 2011 PDF (354KB)
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: Environmentally sustainable management of medical waste in China (GF/CPR/07/008). August 2011PDF (608KB)
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: Strengthening institutions regulations and enforcement capacities for effective and efficient implementation of the National Implementation Plan in China (SIRE) (GF/CPR/07/009). August 2011

PDF (720KB)

IRAQ: Independent evaluation. Support for job creation and self-employment through promotion of micro industries in Ninewa Governorate of Iraq (MISP IV) (FB/IRQ/07/005). August 2011PDF
IRAQ: Independent evaluation. Job creation through cottage and micro-industries promotion in Al-Qadessiya (MISP III) (FB/IRQ/07/001). August 2011PDF

SRI LANKA:  Independent evaluation. Support for the Sustainable livelihood recovery among the conflict-affected population in the North and East regions through improved agricultural productivity and community-based  entrepreneurship (TF/SRL/06/005).   April 2011 PDF
ARAB REGIONAL: Independent mid-term and final evaluation. Promotion of strategies to reduce unintentional production of POPs in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) coastal zone (GF/RAB/08/006). April 2011PDF    (1MB)
MéXICO:  Servicio de la ONUDI en México para la promoción de la   inversión industrial y tecnología. Oficina para la promoción de   la inversión y la tecnología (OPIT) (US/GLO/05/001).  March 2011 PDF
PALESTINE: Independent evaluation.  Revised technology transfer for recycling of building material waste, Gaza.  Support to the marble and stone industry in the West Bank  (TF/PAL/05/001 and TE/PAL/05/001).  March 2011PDF
SUDAN: Independent evaluation. Enhancing the Capacity of Khartoum State in the Delivery of Pro-poor Vocational Training Services  (EE/SUD/07/004). January 2011PDF
IRAQ: Independent evaluation. Pilot project for the rehabilitation of the dairy sector in Iraq (FB/IRQ/04/003).December 2010PDF
Independent in-depth mid-term review. UNIDO-ICHET. November 2010PDF
Independent evaluation. Strengthening the local production of essential generic drugs in least developed/developing countries (TE/GLO/05/015 and TE/GLO/08/030). October 2010PDF
Independent evaluation. UNIDO Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Reporting (COMFAR) Activities. October 2010PDF
Independent evaluation. Multi-stakeholder Programme for Productive and Decent Work for Youth in the Mano River Union (MRU) (TF/RAF/08/025/A25/B25/C25/D25). October 2010PDF
Evaluation indépendante du programme multipartite de promotion d'un travail productif et décent pour les jeunes des pays de l'Union du Fleuve Mano (TF /RAF/08/025/B25/C25/C25). Octobre 2010PDF
JAPAN:  Independent evaluation.  ITPO Tokyo - UNIDO Service in Japan for the Promotion of Industrial Investment in Developing Countries, Tokyo, Japan (US/GLO/07/119). August 2010PDF
LAO PDR:  Independent external evaluation. Post-Opium Surpass Poverty Project. Social and Economic Rehabilitation of Former Opium-poppy Growing Communities –  Alternative Livelihood Development, Oudomxay Province, Lao PDR  (UNODC–LAO I28; UNIDO–TF/LAO/06/002; UNTFHS–IDO-AS-05-010 ). July 2010PDF
ROMANIA: Capacity building for environmentally sound management of PCBs in Roamia (Disposal of PCBs Waste) (GF/ROM/07/001). June 2013PDF       (4.0 MB)
CUBA: Generation and delivery of renewable energy based modern energy services in Cuba: The case of Isla de la Juventud (GP/CUB/05/001). June 2010 (external evaluation by UNEP)PDF (998KB)
SRI LANKA: Independent evaluation. Impact of UNIDO SMTQ projects in Sri Lanka (XP/SRL/99/049; TF/SRL/99/003; UB/SRL/00/001; US/SRL/01/108; TF/SRL/01/001; US/SRL/04/059). June 2010 PDF
IRAQ:  Community Livelihoods and Micro-Industry Support Project in Rural and Urban Areas of Northern IRAQ (MISP II) (FB/IRQ/06/002) (FAO Project No.: OSRO/IRQ/602/UDG). May 2010PDF
(1.8 MB)
LEBANON Increase Access to Export Markets for Lebanese Products and Improvement of its Quality Infrastructure to increase TBT/SPS Compliance (MACLE)(US/LEB/06/002). May 2010PDF
ITALY:  Independent evaluation.  ICS Trieste. International Centre for Science and High Technology (ICS), Trieste, Italy. April 2010PDF
MOROCCO: UNIDO export consortia initiative in MOROCCO (as part of the independent thematic evaluation of the UNIDO cluster and networking development initiatives). Appui à la création de consortia d'exportation (UE/MOR/04/127). Renforcement des capacités nationales dans la promotion et accompagnement de consortia d'exportation (UE/MOR/07/007). February 2010 (in English)PDF
MAROC: L'initiative de l'ONUDI "consortia d'exportation" au MAROC (réalisée dans le cadre d'une évaluation thématique du programme "Développement des systèmes productifs locaux et réseaux de PME"). Appui à la création de consortia d'exportation (UE/MOR/04/127). Renforcement des capacités nationales dans la promotion et accompagnement de consortia d'exportation (UE/MOR/07/007). Février 2010 (en fran?ais)PDF
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA:  Shanghai International Information Technology Promotion Centre (SITPC). Enhancing IT Cooperation and Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific Region (TF/TN/RAS/02/001, XP/RAS/01/022, XP/RAS/02/002). February 2010PDF
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA:  Independent evaluation. ITPO SHANGHAI. Investment and Technology Promotion Office Shanghai (Shanghai Investment Promotion Center). Assistance to Shanghai Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission/Shanghai Foreign Investment Commission in inward and outward investment promotion (TF/TN/CPR/06/005). December 2009PDF
NICARAGUA: Sustainable Industrial Resource Management (SIRM) in selected national priority sectors of Nicaragua ("Nicatec")  (UE/NIC/06/001). October 2009PDF
LEBANON: Support for livelihoods and economic recovery in war-affected areas of Lebanon. Lebanese Agro-Industry Support and Economic Recovery (LAISER) (FB/LEB/07/001). January 2010PDF
MOZAMBIQUE: Enhancing the Capacities of the Mozambican Food Safety and Quality Assurance System for Trade (UE/MOZ/05/001). November 2009PDF
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: ICM Beijing . International Centre for Materials   Technology Promotion (ICM), Beijing. January 2010PDF
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: ITPO Beijing - Investment and Technology Promotion Office for the People's Republic of China in Beijing. December 2009PDF
495 KB
URUGUAY: Fomento a la actividad empresarial Uruguaya: Apoyo al sector de peque?as y medianas empresas para facilitar el acceso a los Mercados de exportación. Fomento a la Actividad Empresarial Uruguaya-Fase II: Apoyo al Sector de Peque?as y Medianas Empresas para Facilitar el Acceso a los Mercados de Exportación (UE/URU/04/106, UE/URU/04/A06, UE/URU/04/B06). November 2009PDF
788 KB
BANGLADESH, BHUTAN, MALDIVES, NEPAL: Strengthening Institutional and National Capacities Related to Standards, Metrology, Testing and Quality (SMTQ) - Phase II (TE/RAS/07/001). November 2009PDF
888 KB
UGANDA: Independent impact evaluation. SKIPI Uganda - Skills for peace and income. Multi-skills traning and community service facilities for sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation. October 2009PDF
GLOBAL: Strategic Research Project COMPID. Combating Marginalization and Poverty through Industrial Development (COMPID) August 2009PDF
INDIA: Terminal evaluation. UNDP/GEF-GOI: CBM project - Coalbed methane recovery and commercial utilization (EG-GN/IND/98/G34). July 2009 (external evaluation by: UNDP / GEFPDF (642KB)
UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA: Trade capacity-building: Enhancing the capacities of the Tanzanian quality infrastructure and TBS/SPS compliance systems for trade June 2009PDF
GLOBAL: Global Mercury Project. Removal of barriers to introduction of cleaner artisanal gold mining and extraction technologies (EG/GLO/01/G34). January 2009 (external evaluation by UNDP)PDF (642KB)
NICARAGUA:  Strengthening and dissemination of cluster development in Nicaragua (UE/NIC/05/001 and UE/NIC/05/003). Fortalecimiento y Difusión del Desarrollo de Conglomerados en Nicaragua (UE/NIC/05/001). Fortalecimiento y Difusión del Desarrollo de Conglomerados en Nicaragua - Creación de capacidades y "Cluster-to-Cluster" (UE/NIC/05/003). December 2008PDF
KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA: Promotion of Cleaner Industrial Production in the Kingdom of Cambodia  (US/CMB/03/048). December 2008 PDF
LAO PDR: Promotion of cleaner industrial production in the Lao People's Democratic Republic  (US/LAO/03/049). December 2008PDF
PERU: Independent project evaluation. UNIDO Cluster and Networking Development Initiative. Promotion of Export Consortia (Peru component) (UE/GLO/04/158). November 2008 PDF (540KB)
BAHRAIN: Investment and Technology Promotion Office Bahrain. UNIDO service in Bahrain for the promotion of industrial investment in developing countries (US/GLO/04/152). October 2008PDF (320KB)
UGANDA: Strengthening the Ugandan Business Information Network II. Establishment of 8 Pilot District Business Information Centres (UE/UGA/04/062). October 2008PDF
GREECE: Investment and Technology Promotion Office. UNIDO service in Greece for the promotion of industrial investement and strengthening of cooperation with developing countries (UE/GLO/04/005). June 2008PDF (451KB)
REGIONAL AFRICA: Hides and skins improvement scheme in selected West African countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Senegal) (FCRAF/04/088). May 2008 (external evaluation by: CFC / FAO)PDF (386KB)
ETHIOPIA:  Assistance to the Leather and Leather Products Technology Institute (LLPTI) for the development of its managerial and operative capacities (TE/ETH/04/001, TF/ETH/04/001). March 2008



IRAQ:  Promotion of cottage industries in rural and urban areas project (FB/IRQ/04/001(UNIDO Project Number) OSRO/IRQ/405/UDG (FAO Project Number)). January 2008



ARGENTINA:Reconversión del sector industrial Argentino programa para fortalecer el acceso de PYMES al crédito y a los mercados de exportación (UE/ARG/04/129, US/ARG/02/129, US/ARG/04/129). November 2007PDF
(512 KB)
JAPAN: Investment and Technology Promotions Office in Japan. August 2007PDF
(1,361 KB)
CUBA:  Independent mid-term evaluation. Transfer of EST for cleaner management of municipal solid waste (MSW) in Havana City and "tourist poles", pilot demonstration project // Evaluacion a medio termino. Transferencia de tecnologias mido ambientales sostenibles para una gestion mas limpia de los residuos solidos en la Ciudad de La Habana, proyecto piloto demonstrativo (US/CUB/04/151). July 2007PDF (3.3MB)
VIET NAM:  Market access support through the strengthening of capacities related to metrology, testing and conformity. July 2007



CHINA: Energy conservation and GHG emission reduction in Chinese township and village enterprises - phase II (EG/CPR/99/G31). June 2007 (external evaluation by UNDP)PDF (364KB)
ITALY: Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Italy. May 2007 PDF
(1,150 KB)
FRANCE:  Bureaux pour la promotion des investissements et de la technologie de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour le développement industriel en France. May 2007



Market access and trade facilitation support for South Asian LDCs, through strengthening institutional and national capacities related to standards, metrology, testing and quality (SMTQ) (TF/RAS/03/001). May 2007 PDF
(432 KB)
VIET NAM:  Assistance to establish the national and provincial SME support infrastructure (TF/VIE/03/001, TF/VIE/04/001, TF/VIE/06/002). May 2007



VIET NAM: Entrepreneurship development programme for women in food processing in central Viet Nam (phase II) (TE/VIE/04/002). May 2007 PDF
GLOBAL: International POPs elimination project (IPEP) (GP/GLO/03/012). September 2006 (external evaluation by: GEF / UNEP)PDF (700KB)
BURKINA FASO: Développement de la transformation industrielle et artisanale du coton Lutte contre la pauvreté par la création d'emplois US/BKF/01/189. August 2006 PDF
(369 KB)
INDIA: International Centre for the Advancement of Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT). March 2006 PDF
(485 KB)
Asia-Africa Investment and Technology Promotion Centre AAITPC (TF/RAF/99/001). January 2006 PDF
(392 KB)
GREECE: Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Athens, Greece. November 2005 PDF
(526 KB)
VIET NAM, LAO PDR, CAMBODIA: Market Access and Trade Facilitation Support for Mekong Delta Countries, through Strengthening Institutional and National Capacities Related to Standards, Metrology, Testing and Quality (SMTQ) Mekong Delta countries (Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia) TF/RAS/02/003. July 2005 PDF
(587 KB)
Annexes 3 and 4 to the evaluation report - Market Access and Trade Facilitation Support for Mekong Delta Countries, through Strengthening Institutional and National Capacities Related to Standards, Metrology, Testing and Quality (SMTQ) Mekong Delta countries (Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia) TF/RAS/02/003. July 2005 PDF
(312 KB)
CHINA: Environmentally Sound Technologies Programme in China (US/CPR/02/009). May 2005 PDF
(1,494 KB)
GREECE: Investment Trade and Promotion Office Athens US/GLO/98/068. November 2003PDF
(2970 KB)
VIET NAM: Viet Nam National Cleaner Production Centre US/VIE/96/063. June 2003PDF
(385 KB)
MOROCCO: Programme for the Establishment of the National Moroccan Cleaner Production Centre US/MOR/99/132. May 2003 PDF
(423 KB)
UGANDA: UNIDO Programmes Funded by Austria to Strengthen the Leather Sector in Uganda. October 2002PDF
(2,236 KB)
(1,740 KB)
SLOVAK REPUBLIC: Investment and Technology Promotions Office, Bratislava. July 2002 PDF
(337 KB)
UGANDA: UNIDO Programmes Funded by Austria to Strengthen the Leather Sector in Uganda. October 2002PDF
(2,236 KB)
CENTRAL EUROPE: National Cleaner Production Centres in Central Europe: Volume 1: Summary-Conclusions and Lessons Learned. August 2001PDF
(152 KB)
CENTRAL EUROPE: National Cleaner Production Centres in Central Europe: Volume 2: Czech Cleaner Production Centre. 2 August 2001 PDF
(81 KB KB)
CENTRAL EUROPE: National Cleaner Production Centres in Central Europe: Volume 3: Slovak Cleaner Production Centre. 2 August 2001PDF
(72 KB)
CENTRAL EUROPE: National Cleaner Production Centres in Central Europe: Volume 4: Hungarian Cleaner Production Centre. 2 August 2001PDF
(95 KB)
NICARAGUA: Desarrollo de redes y distritos de peque?as y medianas empresas en Nicaragua. 20 July 2001PDF
(164 KB)
NICARAGUA: Development of SMI Clusters and Networks in Nicaragua. 5 July 2001 PDF
(155 KB)
Renewable Energy and Energy Capacity Building Project. 4 May 2001 PDF
(409 KB)
CHINA: Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems, Technical Standards, Treatment and Disposal, Capacity-Building (China's Agenda 21). 14 November 2000PDF
(122 KB)
MALI: Développement de l'entreprenariat Féminin dans le Secteur Agro-Alimentaire, Mali. 18 September 2000PDF
(82 KB)
INDIA: Programme for the improvement of the glass industry in India. 30 September 2000PDF
(149 KB)
CENTRAL EUROPE: Regional Programme for the Establishment of High-tech Incubation Systems at the Academies of Sciences in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. 31 August 2000PDF
(209 KB)
KOREA: UNIDO Service in the Republic of Korea for the Promotion of Industrial Investment in Developing Countries. 14 July 2000PDF
(100 KB)
FRANCE: Service de l'ONUDI en France pour le enforcement de la cooperation industrielle entre la France et les pays en voie de développement (IPSO Paris). 20 April 2000PDF
(156 KB)
VIET NAM: Viet Nam National Cleaner Production Centre. 4 April 2000PDF
(140 KB)
SOUTHEAST ASIA: Assistance in Pollution Control in the Tanning Industry in South-East Asia. 7 October 1999 PDF
(238 KB)
Regional Business Development Centres. 21 September 1999 PDF
(129 KB)
TANZANIA: Integrated Training Programme for Women Entrepreneurship Development in the Food Processing Sector in Tanzania II. 21 June 1999PDF
(69 KB)
GREECE: Investment and Technology Promotions Office, Athens. 15 June 1999 PDF
(88 KB)
POLAND: UNIDO Investment Promotion Service in Warsaw, Poland. 24 March 1999 PDF
(74 KB)
INDIA: The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). 8 March 1999 PDF
(58 KB)
VIET NAM: Assistance to Small and Medium Industrial Enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam. 26 January 1999 PDF
(201 KB)
CHINA: UNIDO Investment Promotion Service in Beijing, China. 15 January 1999 PDF
(112 KB)
JAPAN: UNIDO Investment Promotion Office in Tokyo, Japan. 1 April 1998 PDF
(150 KB)
MAURITIUS: Techmart Africa '97 Grand Bay, Mauritius 24-26 November 1997. 16 December 1997 PDF
(42 KB)
TANZANIA: Assistance to Enhance Technical and Entrepreneurial Skills of Business Women in Textile and Related Products in Tanzania. 14 October 1997 PDF
(57 KB)
INDIA: Strengthening the Handmade Paper Industry in India. 30 April 1997 PDF
(113 KB)
Regional Africa Leather and Footwear Industry Programme. 21 February 1997 PDF
(454 KB)